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My New Journey on Two Wheels

The Journey of a Female Rider

The journey of a female rider

Introducing Moira Day as a female motorcycle rider, her story has not been an easy one. She is a petite female who started the journey to pass her motorcycle test. The challenges she faced are a similar story as many other female riders.

There are times when the bike feels too big, there are times when it is a challenge and you wonder if you are ever going to remember everything you need to do. You may even feel a little bit vulnerable but the pull to carry on and conquer your fears and challenges overwhelms the option to give up.

One thing I have witnessed from many female riders is the grit and determination to carry on, succeed and become outstanding riders. This is the story of a normal lady who undertook the challenge of learning to ride a motorcycle.

Comment by Simon Hayes

Moira’s story

I had no particular desire to start riding a motorbike. I had been a pillion rider in my teens. I’d enjoyed it but it wasn’t something I was aspiring to achieve. 

So as a 50 year old woman what happened to change that? (And, no, it wasn’t a mid-life crisis!)

Just one of those things

It was just one of those moments in life that opportunity appeared and on this occasion I chose to take it. It’s one decision I am so glad that I made and one that I don’t regret for a minute. 

No matter how tough it’s been, how I’ve felt after a long day’s training or how frustrated I have felt with myself when I don’t get things right. The pull to get back on the bike has been irresistible.

My opportunity was due to a change in workplace for my husband and his decision to get a bike rather than a second car. He bought a Yamaha YBR 125 and started training for his test. 

I didn’t see the opportunity at this point; I had assumed (foolishly!) that once he had his full licence he would continue to ride the 125. I couldn’t understand why he wanted, or needed, a bigger bike!

Motorcycle Training Instructor and student


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Of course he wanted a bigger one

Anyway, of course he bought a bigger bike and when he was going to sell the 125, I asked if could have a go before he sold it. 

The thought in my mind at the time was about commuting and parking. My commuter journey at the time was taking me about 40 minutes to cover 6 miles in the car and difficult parking once I arrived at work.

So in July 2011, I went along to a one hour taster session and decided then I wanted to go on and take my test.

How it all started

I completed my CBT in October 2011 and I have to say I enjoyed it, much more than I expected!

I started my DAS training as soon as I could in November 2011 and passed my Module One test Feb 2012 and my Module Two test in Mar 2012.

I don’t know at what point I decided I wanted a bigger bike. It was more like I had started on a new journey and didn’t want to stop. The more I learned, the more I wanted.

Touring UK and abroad

In the five years (at the time of writing) I have been riding, I have covered thousands of miles in the UK, both touring and commuting. 

I have been to France three times and Ireland three times. I have bought my third bike and amassed a fair amount of bike gear (some of which has hardly ever been used!).

The biggest surprise for me was that riding a bike was FUN and wasn’t just a mode of transport.

It has opened up a whole new world that I wasn’t even aware existed and it has introduced me to a lot of people and many new friends.

Written by Moira Day (female rider)

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