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How to book a motorcycle test in the UK?

How to book a motorcycle test in the UK?

How to book a motorcycle test in the UK?

If you’re a learner rider, you’ll need to know the process of how to book a motorcycle test in the UK. It may appear daunting if you have little or no knowledge but it doesn’t have to be. 

By using the right resources, you can book your test with ease and increase your chances of passing the motorcycle tests on your first attempt. 

In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to book a motorcycle test in the UK and explain why using a training school is the most effective approach.

Home study during your training

Booking your motorcycle training and tests is only part of the battle. Do not put all your faith in the training, there is a lot you can do for yourself to ensure you are better prepared.

Failing a test can be costly and extend the time it takes for you to get a full licence. If you have to wait 1 or 3 months for a re-test, you’ll also need further training again too to brush up on your skills.

Most training schools will not just give you a re-test. Being ready the first time is imperative to getting through the motorcycle tests first time too, which will result in saving both time and money.

Join the UK’s only online video training platform

Join Motorcycle Riders Hub online support and education platform where you can watch all the training videos in the comfort of your own home. Watch them over and over again until you understand exactly what you need to do.

Make your training easier by having a higher induction level. Learn and understand what to do during each test as your online trainer explains every aspect of passing the motorcycle tests for the first time. 

Must hold a UK driving licence

Firstly, it’s important to note that you must have a valid UK driving licence before you can take your motorcycle tests (the only exception is to have a Northern Ireland driving licence).

If you don’t already hold a provisional or full car licence, you’ll need to apply for one through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). You will also need to pass a motorcycle theory before you can progress to the Mod 1 and Mod 2 motorcycle tests.

Have a valid UK driving licence

Once you have your valid UK driving licence (European driving licences are not acceptable), you can start thinking about booking your motorcycle test. You will need to take a Compulsory Basic Training course and hold a valid DL196 (CBT certificate) before you can apply for a practical motorcycle test.

Without a valid theory test, you will not be able to apply for or name a practical motorcycle test. You must turn up for the Mod 1 motorcycle test with a valid CBT certificate and a valid in date theory test pass certificate for a motorcycle. 

Using the online booking service

The most common way to book your test is to use the DVSA’s online booking service. You can take a DIY approach, however, if you’re a learner rider, we strongly recommend using a training school to help you prepare and book your motorcycle tests.

The DVSA’s online booking service is relatively straightforward to use. You’ll need to log onto their website and then follow the steps to book your motorcycle test. 

You’ll need to provide some basic information, such as your name, address, and driving licence number and then choose the correct category test at a chosen test centre and a date and time for your test. 

Avoid the DIY approach

There are some disadvantages to this approach. Firstly, the booking system can be confusing for someone who is new to the process. Especially if you do not know the full process that you need to go through or categories to choose..

Additionally, there’s a possibility that the test centres may not have any available slots that suit your needs, which can result in delays and frustration. Furthermore, without professional guidance it’s hard to know how to prepare effectively for your motorcycle tests.

Not being properly prepared can easily lead to you failing your motorcycle test and having to book again. The problem with this DIY approach is the wait could be a long time (sometimes months at the height of summer) and you may not finish the test if the examiner thinks you are unsafe (the test will be terminated).

Motorcycle Training Instructor and student


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Other issues with DIY 

If you choose the DIY approach you will need to have your own bike to take to test.You also need to make sure it has the correct cc for the type of test you are going to take.

Any motorcycle bigger than a 125cc that you wish to take a test on, you will need to be accompanied by a qualified DAS instructor. Or you should have a way of getting your own bike to the test centre, a friend could ride it or it could be taken in a van.

You will also need all documentation for the bike to show to the examiner ie valid tax, MoT, if needed and insurance.  It must also be roadworthy and not have been altered in any way such as alterations to the exhaust or mechanics.

This route can be more hassle than it’s worth. Using a professional training school makes this process much easier and very simple. It removes any stress and problems you may have.

This is why you need a training school

This is where using a training school comes in handy. Most training schools offer priority booking for their customers. You won’t be able to just book a test with a training school, they will want to train you to a good standard first before they take you for a motorcycle test.

Failing a test has an impact on their test pass percentage results. Taking people to test who have not done any training is a risk to their pass rate and also a risk to their motorcycles. Especially if they have never seen you riding before!

The training school will be able to secure a test date much sooner than if you were to try and book it yourself. They also have experience and knowledge of the booking process, making it easier for you to understand the requirements and conditions.

Training schools can also provide you with valuable guidance and support throughout your training. With their help, you’ll know exactly what to expect on test day and be more confident and prepared to pass. 

As the saying goes, ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’ A training school can help you avoid mistakes that can result in you failing the motorcycle tests. Even such things as turning up properly clothed and with the correct documentation.

Support, help and advice

A good training school will have skilled and experienced instructors who will teach you all the skills you need to know to be safe on the road. They will not only teach you how to pass your test but how to ride safely, which is vital as a new and novice motorcycle rider. 

You’ll get a huge amount of help and support, as well as being guided properly through the process.

Another benefit of using a professional training school to book your motorcycle tests is that they often offer training packages. These deals can include your training, your motorcycle tests, insurance, bike hire and some include any necessary clothing and equipment that will be needed.

This is definitely a cost-effective way to get everything you need to pass your Mod 1 and Mod 2 motorcycle tests, first time.


The most effective way to book your motorcycle test in the UK is to use a regulated and professional training school. 

By doing so, you’ll not only increase your chances of passing your motorcycle tests on the first attempt. But you’ll also learn essential skills and techniques throughout your training. This will stand you in good stead for your future motorcycling too.

Additionally, you will receive personalised guidance and support throughout your training and will be able to ask as many questions as you need to prepare for your motorcycle tests.

So, for learner riders in the UK, choose a training school and take your first step towards becoming a safe and confident motorcyclist, knowing you’ve had the best start.

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