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Montenegro Baby! – Motorcycle Tour Montenegro


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If you can dream it – You can achieve it

Motorcycle Tour Montenegro

This is a true account of a motorcycle tour from The UK to Montenegro (An epic Motorcycle Tour Montenegro).

It is a daily journal about a group of riders and gives information about the routes, destinations and the challenges along the way.

There are always problems when you have a number of riders on such a big journey and this tour was certainly no exception!

Product Description

The route changed several times in the planning stages, it had originally been proposed that we ride to Albania. We would have a hotel destination in Montenegro (Motorcycle Tour Montenegro) and have a day trip to Albania to a town in the mountains called Theth. This was featured in my previous book 20 Countries in 20 Days, when we rode to Istanbul and back. Our goal then was to ride all the way to Asia and back on our motorbikes.

After much discussion about this trip and looking at the already full itinerary, it was easy to see that this was going to be a demanding trip anyway without going to Albania. So it was going to be the ‘Motorcycle Tour Montenegro’. As soon as you start to add more people to the group, you start to lose riding time, as everyone has their own agenda and it is never simple to get a group to rub along and fit in for the whole trip.

There are always those who get undressed every time you stop, there are those who don’t rise early to be ready to get going on time, some maybe enjoy a glass of alcohol too much on the night before and are a bit jaded the following day. The list is endless but we decided to cap the journey to Croatia and embark on a day trip to Montenegro instead.

The route – Motorcycle Tour Montenegro

The route would take us from the UK to Calais, we would then travel through France, Belgium and into Germany to meet up with Ginge. That first day would see us riding down the famous Mosel Valley where the first press of the grapes produced some gorgeous German wine. A real place of beauty and a one that we must see to finish off the first day’s ride.

Then we would head down into the Black Forest to experience a different look and feel of the German landscape – the infamous B500 would be our target to tick off another biking destination.

Then we would spend the next few days zig zagging the Alps, riding our way through Switzerland, Italy and Austria. We would take on a number of well known passes and stop in some well known places such as Davos and Bormio in Lombardy, Italy where the scenery is amazing.

Then we would show the group beautiful Slovenia and ride some untrodden roads in the beautiful National Park but our ace card was to take the group down the entire coast road in Croatia known as the Dalmatian Coast. The final destination was Dubrovnik for a couple of nights, we would then take a day trip to Montenegro to tick off the bucket list and then the homeward journey would begin.

Homeward bound

The overnight ferry from Croatia to Italy would be a brand new experience, the ride across Italy would see us venture through Tuscany. Pisa would be a pitstop for 2 days before riding back though Switzerland on the way home. We were going to stop off and see an old friend in Lausanne on Lake Leman before a route off the beaten track through France on the D roads.

Every day had something special, apart from the last day riding home which would be on the motorway for the whole journey but there again, we did have home to look forward to.

My aim as a tour leader is to always help riders have the confidence and ability to do tours on their own. I am at my happiest when I have a group of people who come along, learn the ropes and then venture off to do different tours on their own or with a group of friends.

If I can help one person a year achieve their dream, or give them enough confidence to come along and experience a life changing moment or challenge – that makes it all worthwhile for me.

A few comments from the riders – Motorcycle Tour Montenegro

When Simon suggested a longer tour to Croatia and Montenegro, I jumped at the chance. I travelled a similar route a couple of years before but as this tour was organised along the same lines as other trips, I knew it would be a tour of a lifetime… and it was.

The best bit for me was the debrief at the end of each day. It was always good to discuss that day’s adventures over a cold beer. One that sticks in my mind was the arrival at Bormio, Italy, after completing part of the Stelvio Pass where the views were absolutely breath taking. The biggest downer of the trip was waving the group off from the hotel in Pisa.

Deeds – Rider on Motorcycle Tour to Montenegro

I’ve done tours before but nothing on this scale, for me this was an adventure of a lifetime. The tour was really well organised from beginning to end, it ran like clockwork. We experienced epic roads from the Mosel Valley to the superb mountain passes in Bormio, Davos, Lausanne and many more beautiful places to see, such as Lake Bled in Slovenia and the Dalmatian coast down to Dubrovnik. All very stunning!
To me, the whole tour was incredible.

Dave – Rider on Motorcycle Tour to Montenegro

Going to Montenegro was an epic “once in a lifetime” tour and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it! We had the most amazing riding days, with fantastic company and loads of banter!
The highlights for me were having an early finish in beautiful Bormio after rushing like mad to get through the Stelvio pass before it was closed! Also getting over the border into Croatia and riding the incredibly smooth, twisty coastal road with Ginge.
If I could do it all again tomorrow, I would!

Laura Smith – Leads Rider on Motorcycle Tour to Montenegro

The tale of a motorcycle tour Montenegro – Motorcycle Tour Montenegro was a Motorcycle Riders Hub Advanced Training Tour.

28 in stock

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