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20 Countries in 20 Days


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A riders tale – Istanbul and back again!

Motorcycle tour Asia

3 ex-soldiers, 3 motorbikes on 1 journey. An epic adventure from England to Istanbul, destination – Asia!

This book 20 Countries in 20 Days, tells the tale of an amazing motorcycle ride. It re-lives the extraordinary events, the ups and downs, highs and lows along with the accounts of daily problems that the riders have to be overcome on this 5000 mile road trip.

The book has been described as a dash across Europe with no sight-seeing. That wasn’t the point, it was our adventure and if you read the title you understand the arduous nature of this journey.

‘Let your riding do the talking…’

Product Description


The book ’20 Countries in 20 Days’ is a detailed account of a ride he undertook from England to Istanbul with two army friends where they rode 20 Countries in 20 Days. There were times when it all went well but there are always unforeseen problems that arise in such an audacious journey.

The route started in England and went down through western Europe to Austria, then over the Alps to the beautiful Dalmatian Coast. From there is started to get interesting with a few issues before eventually getting don to Greece for a days R&R. The pinnacle of the trip was achieved in Turkey by getting across the Bosphorus River into Asia.

Heading back was an experience as the journey took them to up the eastern side of Europe, where the people who had so little gave so much (in time and hospitality). Three became two and the plot unfolds and in less than 20 days, at least 20 countries were ridden through.

Istabul was not the aim for Simon, his adventure was to ride 20 Countries in 20 Days. Which they achieved in this epic tale.

A Motorcycle Tour across Europe is food for the sole!

The other book he wrote is called ‘Montenegro Baby!’ and is about a group trip to Montenegro and back. It is a daily journal of the ups and downs of a trip with a group of riders.


Simon Hayes was born in Birmingham (England) and joined the British Army at the age of 16. He served in the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT) in different places around the world. He gained numerous qualifications until he left the army in 1996. A big Motorcycle Tour around Europe was one of his to-do’s on his wish list.

After leaving the forces, Simon started his own business, RMT Motorcycle Training. Which teaches riders from learner level to advanced training in the UK and abroad. He is also the owner of Motorcycle Riders Hub and a partner in a businesses that teaches people to become motorcycle trainers, Motorcycle Instructor Training Centre. Both of which are online motorcycle training platforms with various training and teaching resources.

Simon has written extensively for motorcycle magazines and publications, wrote all the content for his own website and for the Motorcycle Riders Hub. Motorcycle Riders Hub has developed into a success online training tool for learner riders and those with a passion to improve their riding. There are also a few other publications dedicated to helping learner riders go through the process of passing a test ion the UK, they are all available on Amazon in kindle and paperback versions.

Simon is something of a workaholic but when he has spare time he enjoys playing golf, swimming and cycling to keep in shape. He loves nothing better than touring on his motorcycle and has recently started off road riding in preparation for a tour to Moscow (Covid and the invasion of Ukraine has put paid to that).

He also has plans for more books in the future, that will help learner riders to be safe and confident on the roads. In addition to this he has a passion to have an online coaching platform. It helps riders improve their knowledge and skills to become better riders.

29 in stock

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