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Montenegro 2019 Day 8 – Dubrovnik to Montenegro

Montenegro Flag

As planned we were up early for breakfast and the aim was to be away at 0700am. That was the previous evening’s plan and we were soon under way. It wasn’t long before we got to the border to enter Montenegro, but on the way there was a stark reminder of the dangers of motorcycling in countries where people drive badly. There had been an accident and the car didn’t look too good and the wheel from the bike was still in the road with debris all around.

The police waved us by as we approached and they had only just arrived on scene, the ambulance had not arrived yet but we weren’t sure if they would have been needed! Never switch off riding a bike, it can bite you when you least expect it, as we have already experienced this trip. The rider was nowhere to be seen and the police were scrambling down a steep bank where we presumed the biker had fallen.

So at the border, they relieve Laura and Nigel of €13.50 each because of the green card issue. It was a fast transit through the first border from Croatia and then we arrived on the Montenegro side! That’s where they want some money for insurance as our insurance companies back home will not give green cards and some won’t insure for Montenegro.

So a few pennies lighter and we are off again, the roads weren’t that great but the landscape did not disappoint. The overriding experience was that of poor roads and bad driving! Extremely bad driving, so bad that we were on our guard as soon as we got to the first built up area.

The two huge inlets we rode around once in Montenegro were spectacular, once again they did not disappoint as the views are amazing. And neither did the huge mountain we climbed where we went from sea level to 3,000 feet in half an hour. The views up here are spectacular and will be etched in our minds for the rest of our days.

Once up the Serpentine pass, we could see for miles around. The airport could be seen where we saw planes landing and taking off, we also could see the coast line for miles and miles, as well as the route we’d just taken to get here. The planes looked like toys. We were that high and it was a great experience looking down on them.

We stopped at one of the first restaurants for something to drink, it wasn’t lunchtime yet but we got the attention of the waiter. We spoke to him and he recommended a local goat dish for lunch, he told us what they cooked, how they cooked it and where all the produce had come from. We all decided to sample the very basic but tasty lamb dish and it was superb. The views at the top were great as we sat and enjoyed the whole experience.

On the way home we decided to catch the ferry instead of riding around the inlets again. We would not be back at the hotel until at least 3pm anyway, so a shortcut was well received by all. It’s also a different experience, riding onto a ferry and not strapping your bike down. Ten minutes later we were riding off the ferry, which had saved well over an hour’s ride and in this heat, it was over 40 degrees now as we approached the hottest part of the day.

The return leg was pretty much the same as going, the route was identical but seeing Dubrovnik from high up on the mountain side was a spectacular sight. It’s old medieval look with a walled town and beautiful harbour really makes it look special. It is without a doubt Croatia’s jewel in the crown. No wonder they fought so hard for it back in the 90’s.

We arrived back at the hotel, had a beer and got our bodies exposed to the sun for the rest of the afternoon at the pool. A few hours chilling before heading out into Dubrovnik town for our last meal before the return journey starts. The hotel recommended and booked a restaurant for us. It was a beautiful evening and the restaurant was very nice. We all enjoyed the good food, the great atmosphere and of course our own company.

It was also Ian’s birthday, his wife had organised an upgrade at the hotel, so he was well spoilt in a beautiful five star place. He didn’t get any cake though so we were surprised by that.

For the ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, the restaurant was at the top of the ‘Walk of shame’. I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about when they were talking down the street, until it was explained to me! I wasn’t that bothered either, it was just a fab night, good weather and beautiful views.

We got back before midnight and got ourselves to bed just before we turned into pumpkins.

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