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Montenegro 2019 Day 13 – Lausanne to Reims

Montenegro Flag

It was decided over dinner that we should have an early start in the morning and have breakfast enroute. We decided to get up at 06.15am, grab a quick shower and be ready to go at 07.00am.

Everyone was ready around 07.00am but just one check to do on Laura’s bike to top up the coolant, because on the way yesterday the bike overheated and dumped some coolant because of the hot weather and excessively slow speeds. It wasn’t able to cool down adequately and overheated.

It had rained in the night but the temperature was still very pleasant. It was spitting now and was very welcome after the last few days down in Montenegro and Croatia. We set off on the side roads, avoiding the motorway as we had not purchased a vignette for travelling on motorways in Switzerland.

It wasn’t long before we arrived in France, a distinct difference in road layout and markings along with a completely different feel of the infrastructure and of course the number plates, road signs and place names.

The whole journey up to lunch was very good, fast B roads with plenty of curves. We had made really good time, stopping for breakfast, as we had started to lose concentration. After we set off again, the roads got better and better until we stopped for lunch. That was a welcome break for everyone, as it had been an early start.

After lunch we made our way towards Reims. The roads continued the same up to the motorway, where we enjoyed the last 50 miles of faster motorway travel to ensure we arrived in good time, in order to have a few hours downtime before dinner.

Unloading the bikes and meeting for a beer is the routine, then head to the room to chill out, make any phone calls that are necessary, use social media or just relax! Everyone had their own routine by now and this was the final night.

The time flew by after a little nap, it was time to get a taxi to Reims city centre. They arrived on time and we found out Holland had just beaten Canada in the ladies world cup match. The place was packed with both sets of fans and was a very peaceful place to be, no trouble, no drinks and no gangs of idiots fighting.

We had a very mediocre meal for French standards but we had very little choice because everywhere was busy. The hotel had managed to find a pub and book us in for dinner, which was really good of them to even find somewhere. 

Our dinner location was superb as it was right next to the Cathedral. After dinner we saw the light show on the cathedral, it was amazing and well worth a watch. What a great way to finish the evening.

Back to the hotel for the final night’s sleep. We say goodbye to Ginge in the morning, as he heads back to Germany and we make our way back to the UK. Bed before midnight and a good night’s sleep is needed for everyone, we all had our own rooms to finish off the tour.

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