Breakdown equipment and tools

Motorcycle breakdown and tools

Being on a motorcycle is restrictive when it comes to carrying tools. There is very little room compared to a car and when it all adds to extra luggage, you must consider what you take carefully. Tools can be quite a weight, mainly because they are metal and they can be quite bulky. Packing them […]

Catching the ferry abroad

Motorcycle getting on ferry

You will have already gone through the planning stage and know the timeframe of the tour you have planned, taking the ferry into consideration is a big factor. You can arrive at one European port and on the return leg depart from a different one. Your route and tour will decide which option you take. […]

A suggested Kit List

Suggested kit list

This suggested kit list is only a base or starting point of items that you should think about taking on a tour. It is by no means a consolidated list or a must take list of items but it outlines what you may need if you are travelling abroad for a period of time. It […]

What’s in my Tank bag

Whats in my tank bag

I put valuables I’m not carrying in my pockets in my tank bag, along with things I’m going to need that day with some electric items too. Such as a helmet video camera if it isn’t being used, my iPad or tablet stays with me. I have my passport, driving licence and vehicle documents to […]

Catching the train – Eurotunnel

Getting on Eurotunnel Train

Using the Eurotunnel and catching a train from Folkestone to Calais or vice versa. It is referred to by some as the Channel Tunnel. It is a very quick and smooth journey and lasts around 35 minutes in total. Booking a ticket couldn’t be any easier, to book online go to the Eurotunnel website and […]