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Putting your motorcycle helmet down on grass

How to Put Your Motorcycle Helmet Down On Grass

Over the years I have watched people putting their helmets down badly on different surfaces. The ground is not a great place to put a motorcycle helmet. But if you have to put it down anywhere, there is a right and a wrong way.

Putting your helmet down on grass means the outer shell will not become damaged as it would do if placed down on the tarmac. On hard surfaces, the helmet should be placed flat side down but on the grass it should be placed round side down.

As you can see from the video, put our helmets down with the rounded side on the grass. This prevents the helmet from getting damaged on the outer shell, also stopping the helmet from rolling and causing scratches on the visor.

Helmets will become heavy

If the grass is wet and the helmet is placed flat side down on the wet grass, the bottom of the helmet will come into contact with the wet ground. The foam and padding will act like a sponge and will soak up the water.

The helmet will become uncomfortable to wear with the damp liner against the neck. Further to this the helmet will become much heavier, which will make it more difficult to wear over longer periods of time. This could result in a lack of concentration ultimately with fatigue from wearing an uncomfortable and heavy helmet.

How to Put Your Motorcycle Helmet Down On Grass

Unwanted guests

If you place your helmet flat side down, you may get a few creepy crawlies burrowing in there. They seem to be attracted by new items being placed on the ground and you can guarantee it will be your helmet.

Unwanted guests are not welcome and you certainly do not want them nesting in your helmet. To prevent any insects from getting in and finding a new home, put your helmet down on the grass, round side down. Then pop your gloves inept the helmet or rest them on top of the flat side which is now facing up.

You should also close the visor, which will also deter ants and other insects finding their way into the helmet.

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The fastest stop ever!

The reason you don’t want insects in your helmet is in case they are in there when you start riding.

If you were riding down a road at any speed and the unwanted guests are crawling around. Chances are they will at some point start getting close to your ear. If this happens you will probably do the quickest stop you have ever done to remove your helmet.

The problem with this is, you will not have much regard to what is going on around you and the overwhelming need to stop is greater than the situation around you. A little bit like being stung by a bee or a wasp – stopping quickly becomes very important.

Obviously that could be dangerous in the wrong location. So prevent yourself from being in this position by looking after your helmet and placing it down properly when you stop. Don’t allow insects to become a major distraction.


Put your helmet down with the round side on the grass. It won’t soak up any water like this and pop your gloves into the helmet for safe keeping.

Prevent creatures or creepy crawlers getting into the helmet, which will ensure you do not have any issues whilst riding.

So remember, Keep it on the Black Stuff ®

Written by Simon Hayes

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