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How to pass a Module 1 Motorcycle Test?

How to pass a Module 1 Motorcycle Test?

How to pass a Module 1 Motorcycle Test

This article will explain how to pass a Module 1 motorcycle test, first attempt without any issues.

Why is it that the fail rate is so high? 

In some cases riders are taken to the Module 1 motorcycle test well before they are test ready. I’ve heard examples of riders who only have a CBT certificate, with no previous experience on a bigger bike, being given a three hour training session and then taken to the Mod 1 motorcycle test! 

This is crazy and needs to stop if people want to pass the Module 1 motorcycle test the first time around. You shouldn’t be content to have a go to see how you get on, or to use the first test as a practise! It will cost more money in the long run.

The problem lies with the training programme, not the trainee. Only when learner riders are properly prepared will they pass with ease on their first attempt.

Thorough training to be familiar

To pass the Module 1 motorcycle test a thorough training plan is absolutely essential for a successful outcome. 

All novice riders should research thoroughly before undertaking any training. Choosing the right ATB (Approved Training Body – Training School) is important to ensure a trouble free transition from being a learner rider to passing the motorcycle tests.

Be familiar with the test centre

Access to the Module 1 test centre and specific test maneuvers during training will ensure you are thoroughly prepared. 

If you are able to practice in the same environment where the Module 1 motorcycle test takes place, the test will become a simple routine. 

This is because being familiar with the actual test centre and the routine of the test will mean you have practiced properly and know exactly what to do.

Train hard – fight easy

There is a saying in the military, train hard – fight easy. It means that they train that much, it becomes second nature and everything they do is second nature and very much becomes routine. 

Of course, it only seems easy because it has been practised that many times, it is very familiar. Riding a motorcycle is no different, taking a test should be straightforward with the right amount of training. Our motto for training for the Module 1 motorcycle test is, Train hard – test easy!

Muscle memory

Plenty of practice on each exercise is important to set skills and make Module 1 exercises second nature. Muscle memory, practice, familiarity and confidence will all help towards a new rider developing the correct skills to pass the Mod 1 motorcycle test easily. 

Learning by rote is a tried and tested method and a great routine for best practice. Learner riders should be able to complete each exercise with ease before tackling the Module 1 motorcycle test. This will only happen if the right amount of guidance is given during the training programme.

An in-depth understanding

An in-depth understanding of each exercise will also ensure a new rider can visualise exactly what is required. Discussing the exercise and breaking it down into bite sized chunks will help the process of learning and applying new skills.

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Practise until proficient

Practising until proficient is the proper way to train and become test ready. This method gives you confidence and is a stepping stone approach to the learning process. 

Motorcycle Riders Hub has done this successfully and has seen outstanding results from the methodology and techniques used. The reason being, all riders who study and watch the training videos are much better prepared mentally.

Visualise the actual test

This is because they know exactly what is coming and nothing is a shock to them when it comes to taking the Module 1 motorcycle test. 

They know how to enter the test centre, they know how to ride each slow control exercise properly with a better understanding. The riding tips give detailed information and if understood and followed, will make the Module 1 motorcycle test so much easier.

The speed exercises need to be understood before attempting them. Having a plan of exactly what to do will really help the process. Having enough practice time is essential to become comfortable and make riding second nature. 

The emergency stop and avoidance exercise should be practised thoroughly at lower speeds. Then slowly pick up the speed to practise the skill until it becomes second nature. Muscle memory will help, this comes over a period of training sessions with good practise.

Know what the examiner is looking for

Knowing what the examiner is looking for on test day will help with Module 1 motorcycle test nerves. Understanding and having prior knowledge of how the examiner will conduct themselves for the Mod 1 motorcycle test is essential.

Learn about how the test starts and progresses. The Mod 1 motorcycle test normally begins in the waiting room where the MMA (Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area) is.

If you know how it will be conducted from the very start, you will know what’s coming without any shocks. This will allow you to mentally prepare before the riding starts, being put into an unknown environment may lead to increased nerves. 

Once the test is complete you should be confident with the final process of how the Motorcycle examiner concludes the test.

Be calm and relaxed

Being calm and relaxed throughout the Module 1 motorcycle test is important for a successful pass. Riders must not rush the exercises being done as they are technical and demand accuracy and technique. 

Trying to ride the test route quickly will lead to mistakes and faults. A well prepared rider will have an air of confidence knowing they are fully prepared and happy in their own ability.

Take it one step at a time

Taking one exercise at a time is key to a methodical approach. The examiner will explain one Module 1 exercise at a time and not progress until the exercise has been attempted. 

Thinking ahead could cause a rider not to concentrate or think about the task in hand. Do not worry about future exercises that have not yet been attempted. 

Take the test one step at a time and if you have any questions, you should ask the examiner prior to attempting an exercise.

You will pass the Module 1 motorcycle test quite easily with thorough training. Most riders want to pass as quickly and cheaply as possible. This rarely has a happy ending, pass rates are not high because people tend to go for short and cheap training courses trying to save money.

This is a false economy as many people are not prepared for the Module 1 motorcycle test. They also have very weka skills and sometimes struggle for the rest of their riding career because the foundations are so weak.

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