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How To Corner On a Motorbike

How To Corner On a Motorbike

How To Corner On a Motorbike

You will have to make a conscious decision through choice to improve your riding ability, but first, you must want to change. You must then start changing your whole concept of riding by using an advanced riding method called The System of Motorcycle Control. 

It is used by police riders when they are developing their ability to become extremely competent riders, they perform at the highest level. It isn’t just used by them, every advanced motorcycle trainer uses this system to help develop their students’ riding techniques.

You must learn to think differently, view the road differently and you must learn to use effective vision, awareness, and planning at all times when developing your riding skills and implementing new methodical systems…

Be Patient When Learning New Skills

These improvements take time to develop, be patient and don’t expect them to change overnight because they won’t. You must fully understand each phase of The System of Motorcycle Control and apply each phase in order to see the effects and changes.

The mnemonic is IPSGA, which stands for Information, Position, Speed, Gear, and Acceleration.

The System of Motorcycle Control exists so that you can safely deal with any prevailing hazard. It is a methodical way of riding and to master it you must change the way you view the road for all hazards that you are going to negotiate. The most common hazards where riders get it wrong are cornering, overtaking, and junctions. These have the highest incidents and contribute to the main negative statistics and KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured).

Risk assessment is important for you to be able to develop your riding to a higher level. You will need time and practice to make effective changes.

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The Information Phase

This exists because it is the first action in a methodical process to deal with a hazard ahead, it requires good forward vision and awareness. You should use the mnemonic TUG as part of the process during the Information stage.


Take on board the information you see ahead and to the sides of the road. Look well ahead and use your peripheral vision to locate any movement to the side of the road.


Use the information you have gathered to make a flexible riding plan. Make sure you are not goal oriented and ignore what you see.


Give information to other road users if it is necessary. You can do this in a number of ways with observations, indicators, or arm signals.

The Position Phase

Always position for the view but move away from danger for your own safety, and take into consideration any hidden dangers.

The Speed Phase

Adjust your speed well in advance to the correct speed required for your ability and the prevailing road conditions.

Use throttle sense if you are in the correct gear by rolling off the power to achieve the desired speed. If necessary, use the brakes to reduce speed or to give information to the vehicles behind you, this informs them that you are losing speed.

The Gear Phase

Select the correct gear to be able to negotiate the hazard safely, this should be done before you reach the identified hazard and in plenty of time to allow the bike to settle.

The Acceleration Phase

After you have dealt with the hazard, accelerate by using the correct throttle control.

How to Corner On a Motorbike Practice Points – Instructor Riding Tip

You must make changes to how you ride in order to improve, it will take a bit of effort to learn and then a while to set the new skills. Be patient and do not force the changes.

Start off by breaking down the IPSGA into bite-sized chunks so that you only concentrate on one or two things at a time. The example here is when working on Information, ride a familiar route and implement the TUG stages into your riding. Once this is set and consistent, move on to the next stage and add that to your riding plan.

Where possible get some professional advanced training, this will help you to understand what changes you need to make rather than thinking you have cracked it. There is a lot to learn and change, professional tuition will help you achieve your goals much more quicker.

Learn slowly and methodically, because inch by inch is a cinch, and yard by yard is hard! Be honest in your own ability and practice at your own pace, never ride outside your own comfort zone.

Taking time to study the Advanced Academy will elevate your knowledge and improve your riding ability, which will make you a better rider.

Ride Safe and Keep It On The Black Stuff

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