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How to become an instructor

Lesson planning for down trained instructors

How to become an instructor

There are a few different ways to learn how to become an instructor. There is not a laid down route to become a motorcycle instructor but there are many ways that are used, some are very poor and weak in their standard and delivery and some are very good.

The typical way that people learn to become an instructor vary on the standard of the training school and the standard of the trainer. Training a trainer is very different to teaching a learner rider. The qualification to train a trainer is inadequate because the trainer has to demonstrate they can teach a trainer before they are even qualified by the DVSA to play that role.

Motorcycle Training Instructor and student


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Training methods – How to become an instructor

Turn up and watch

This is a very common way of developing a motorcycle trainer for many training schools. I call it monkey see, monkey do!

I am not being flippant when I say that bit watching someone teaching a learner rider and then being given the chance to copy what you saw being done, is not a thorough training and development program.

Week in, week out

Turning up and learning how to become an instructor is not about time invested in attending CBT course training. Watching and learning has its place but just turning up week in, week out to develop your skills is not s god way to learn.

You will start to understand what lessons are being conducted but you are not being trained to be a trainer by watching a qualified trainer teaching learner riders.

Attending a residential course

There are courses that profess to teach you how to be an instructor in a short period of time. And although these courses do give you a better foundation of what and how to train, you will not be qualified at the end of the course.

This is because there is so much to lean and understand, you will not be proficient after a one week or seven day training program. There is an old saying, if you throw enough s..t at the blanket, some of it will stick!

A proper training course

If you do not come from a training background, you should consider going to a training school that offers a train the trainer course. This way you will learn how to teach, how to develop lesson plans and how to deliver the different types of lessons required in the CBT.

You may not get the opportunity to deliver all the lessons but you will get training and education that will give you there best and right foundations to become a good instructor in the future. It takes the to develop.

Role play

When learning how to become an instructor, role play is important. You should never be given an opportunity to train a learner rider before you have studied, planned a lesson and delivered it to a qualified trainer first.

Learning on the job is dangerous for you and the student. Not to mention that ou are probably not insured to deliver lessons to paying customers anyway.

Online training resource and learning platform

Online leaning has developed over recent years and learning how to become an instructor is easier now than ever before.

There are some things that you should have when learning how to become an instructor. You must have Lesson Plans to help you understand what to teach in each lesson.

You must have Training Diagrams to help develop learner riders. A picture paints a thousand words and helps visualise what is required when learning to ride.

Training videos are a great tool. Watching videos that have been created for you to learn how to deliver lessons, seeing what to teach and then seeing the methods of instruction used to deliver individual lessons will guide you on the road to success.

Motorcycle Instructor Training Centre is an online platform that gives you all the tools you need if you want to learn how to become a motorcycle instructor.

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