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How Can You Fail A Module 2 Motorcycle Test

How Can You Fail A Module 2 Motorcycle Test

How Can You Fail A Module 2 Motorcycle Test?

There are many reasons why some riders fail the Module 2 Motorcycle test. The main one being a lack of professional training, this is because it is looked upon as the easier of the two tests. 

Although some people have a lot of road sense (maybe because they already drive a car), it can be difficult if you have limited experience on a motorcycle or don’t drive to begin with. 

Don’t be in a rush to pass the test

Learner riders are often in a rush or get rushed into taking their Module 2 test before they are ready. Instead of having more tuition so that they are fully prepared, short training courses are a contributory factor why so many riders fail the Mod 2 motorcycle test.

Once the Module 1 test is passed the student or the training school wants to get the Mod 2 motorcycle test done as quickly as possible and often the training is skipped. Sometimes people are put into tests when they aren’t ready, just to fill empty test slots that the training school has. 

This is wrong

This is wrong, very wrong. The reason it’s wrong is because a learner rider can have an easy test on the day, where there are no real hazards to deal with and they somehow scrape through. 

They are then allowed to ride any size bike after passing their DAS test. Ride on the busy roads or ride much quicker than they have ever ridden before on country lanes on their own, with very little skill. They often don’t know how to deal with a variety of circumstances and as a result are vulnerable and at high risk. 

Fail rates are high

Some training schools need to think more about the standard of training they are giving to their students rather than filling their diary and selling tests.

This is why the failure rate is so high. It is not as bad as the car test statistics but it is poor for what should be professional guidance.

Documents needed for test

It is extremely important that you arrive at the test centre with all the correct documents to show to the examiner.  If you forget something or have lost one of the documents required, your test will be cancelled and classed as a failed attempt.

If you fail a test or it has been terminated because you arrive without your documents, you’ll have to wait 10 working days before you can retake it. 

What documents are needed

For your test to go ahead the examiner will ask to see a valid driving licence, a valid CBT certificate, a valid theory test pass certificate and a Mod 1 pass certificate. All should be in date and should not have expired.

If you have lost or misplaced your theory test pass certificate you should inform your training school before you go to test. They can get in touch with the examiner who can check the computer system before you arrive and provided all is in order the test will still go ahead.

A good trainer will check your documents

If you are being taken to test as part of your training package, the training school should ask to check your documents prior to you leaving the training centre. You are paying for a service when you book through a training school, they should check before you start the journey to the test centre.

Failing to provide the necessary documentation will result in a lost test fee and no test. A good training school with a thorough process will ensure you are properly test ready.

If you want to improve your chance of a first time pass, or need some more information about how to prepare and be ready for your motorcycle tests. We suggest the Learner Academy Gold membership to help prepare to be test ready.

Clothing required for the motorcycle test

Throughout your motorcycle training the instructor should have fully prepared you for the Module 2 test. This includes checking the clothing that you are wearing. If you turn up to the test Mod 2 motorcycle test wearing the wrong clothing your test will not go ahead and you will lose your fee.

If it has never been commented on, or you have never been advised about what you should wear on a motorcycle, especially for the test. They have been neglectful and not paid much attention to what you are wearing during your training development.

There is no point being told on your last training session to get new gear to wear. The last thing you want to do is wear brand new boots or gloves that are too tight and do not feel comfortable during the test. This may have an adverse effect and be a contributory factor why you fail!

There is written information on the DVSA website regarding what clothing is deemed acceptable when a candidate is presented to test. Not being properly dressed for the Module 2 test will result in it not going ahead on the grounds of rider safety.

Eyesight test

Failing the eyesight test will also mean a test will not go ahead. Make sure you ask for an eyesight check while you are training, just to make sure.

If your CBT was done with a different training school some months ago, it may be quite a long time since your eyesight was checked. People don’t realise their eyesight may have deteriorated and regular checks will ensure you are legal to drive or ride.

If you suspect that your eyes have gotten worse or you are finding it difficult to read a number plate. You need to book an eyesight test through an optician to check if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Motorcycle Training Instructor and student


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Motorcycle check

Before the test starts the examiner will look over the motorcycle being used on the test. If there is a nail in the tyre or something wrong with the bike that the examiner deems to be dangerous, the test will not go ahead and the test fee will be forfeited.

If your Instructor takes two students to test, there is a possibility that you will be able to use the other motorcycle. That’s only if it is the same category machine and road legal too.

Although it is nobody’s fault if a bike does break down, the test will be terminated and the result will be a failed attempt.

Lack of training

There are many reasons why someone is not properly prepared for a test. It could be a lack of training because of financial reasons, or the training plan is not adequate enough and the training has been rushed.

Off the shelf training courses are very common in the motorcycle training world. It is because old methods are still being used for the benefit of the training school. Intensive courses are still common as people are rushed through the process as if on a conveyor belt. This is not conducive for a thorough training programme.

Learner riders fail because they have not had enough exposure and training time to feel comfortable. They are nervous because they don’t feel ready and as a result make silly mistakes on their test.

Client Centred Learning

Some training programmes do not take into account individual learning needs. Client centred learning is not considered, as the emphasis is put on filling the diary rather than focusing on the customers needs.  

A set routine and an off the shelf training programme should be avoided, you should never book all your training from start to finish before you start training. You will not know if you are going to progress at the pace set for you with an intensive course.

What will happen if you are not ready by the end of the week on an intensive course? I am quite sure that you will lose your test fee as it will not be filled by anyone else. You will end up losing money and not doing the test. The last thing you want to do is be forced into taking a test just because it has been paid for.

Know How The Test Will Proceed

If you don’t have enough coaching and time on the bike in various riding situations you may not feel confident on the test. This can lead to you second guessing what the examiner is thinking about your riding and then lead to mistakes.

You should have enough time to go through a mock test or two prior to the actual test. Not being aware of the way the test will proceed creates extra stress and nerves on test day. 

A thorough development plan is required and should be discussed with the training school to ensure you are fully prepared.

Ability shines through

A rider’s ability is often judged by how fast they ride, this is a complete misconception and has resulted in a lot of problems. Getting through the test quickly to get it over and done with will not give you any brownie points! It may lead to you failing the test, so take your time and do not be in a rush.

Rushing and trying to impress the examiner will have an adverse effect and always results in riding into hazards far quicker than is necessary and creates forced errors. 

Safe and relaxed

The examiner would rather see a safe and relaxed ride where you take into account the road situation, traffic and road conditions, the weather and your own riding ability. Your natural ability will shine through if you ride like you have been taught, with less risk to yourself and other road users.

Common fail points

Some common causes of failing a Module 2 test include causing other vehicles to change speed or direction because of your actions. Not carrying out the correct observations at appropriate times will result in failing the test and not adhering to the speed limits. Failing to make or maintain progress will also result in failing the test. 

The list goes on and is quite extensive but undergoing thorough training is the best possible way to ensure you are test ready. A short training programme will not give you enough time to experience as many road scenarios as possible. 

The best way to be test ready is to have enough training and to feel confident before putting in for the test. You will know when you are ready and you should not be forced into doing a test until you feel ready.

Home study

Motorcycle Riders Hub has been a great source for learner riders to use as a top up to their practical training. Especially when the training route has been lacking content and rushed. 

The online Module 2 Course has vital educational videos explaining the test process and covers all the lessons for the Mod 2 motorcycle test. If you feel under prepared the online platform will fill in all the gaps with a demonstration of every exercise through the on-road Module 2 test.

Online training videos 24/7

The online training has been broken down into a simple format that allows you to gain knowledge and be confident with the test process. It will improve your chances of a first time pass, as you will learn and understand what is required on test day.

Videos give you time to visualise each section in the comfort of your own home when you are relaxed and able to absorb more information. When your brain is working overtime whilst riding and listening to instruction, there are a lot of things missed and not confirmed. 

Learning at home in your own time sets skills and processes far better than when riding under pressure. It’s not ebay learning to ride, there is so much going on and so much to remember. Learning when you are relaxed helps you to absorb more information and be test ready.
Learners Academy Gold is the recommended route to pass both the tests and be ready for a lifetime of pleasure on your bike.

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