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How Can You Fail A Module 1 Motorcycle Test?

How Can You Fail A Module 1 Motorcycle Test

How Can You Fail A Module 1 Motorcycle Test?

There are a number of reasons why a rider can fail the Module 1 motorcycle test. The best way to avoid failing in the first place is to undergo enough training and have the right skills before you attempt the Module 1 motorcycle test.

There are a lot of training schools that look at motorcycle training as a conveyor belt system. This means they rush people through the training without setting the right skills in place. If you have been subject to this type of treatment, you will have witnessed poor guidance with very little actual training time.

There have been stories of people only doing 2-3 hours of training on a big bike before their Module 1 motorcycle test. This is quite frankly appalling, no wonder learner riders are in the most vulnerable category. This is because skills cannot be set properly with so little training, practise time and guidance.

Documents needed for test

If you turn up to a Module 1 test without the correct documents, the test will not go ahead. The examiner needs to see a valid driving license, a valid CBT certificate, and a valid theory test pass certificate.

No theory test pass certificate

If you can’t produce a theory test pass certificate because it has been lost, you should inform the training school prior to the test taking place. They can get in touch with the local examiner and let them know ahead of your test time. All the examiner needs to do is check on the system and the test will still go ahead. You must have all other documents though.

If you are being taken to the test as part of your training package, the training school should be checking your documents prior to you leaving the training centre. You have paid for a service to take you to test and as a result this should be part of their fee.

Failing to provide the necessary documentation will result in a lost test fee and no test. Make sure you choose a good training school that looks after your welfare. Not all training schools are equal.

Clothing required for the motorcycle test

During the motorcycle training your training provider should have prepared you properly for the Module 1 motorcycle test. This includes looking at the clothing that is worn during the training period. If you have never been told about the clothing you are wearing and discussed what you must wear, your welfare is not high on the agenda.

There is written information regarding what clothing is deemed necessary by the DVSA when a candidate is presented to test. Not being properly dressed for the Module 1 motorcycle test will result in the test not going ahead on the grounds of safety.

Inadequate or not enough training

It is rare for learner riders to turn up for a test without having had prior training but it is common for them to have not had enough of it. This could be for a number of reasons but not always the fault of the person taking the test. Many training schools just want to fill the tests they have on their booking system and people are encouraged to take tests too early.

You may have booked an intensive motorcycle training course and are not ready yet. You might be struggling with some areas of riding i.e. the slow control exercises, or you still have not got a full understanding of how to do the avoidance exercise. You may not have done many emergency stop practices or slalom work between the cones.

If you do not have enough training time to learn and apply techniques, it means you won’t have good foundations and will not set the important skills you need. This is why so many riders fail the first Mod 1 motorcycle test!

Avoid budget motorcycle training

You may be on a budget and have opted for a cheap training course. Cheapest isn’t best and has always been an issue in this industry. Without a proper income for training schools, motorcycles are not maintained correctly, corners get cut if trainers are on the lower end of the pay scale. Compare Primark to Apple and you’ll understand what the difference is!

Crash courses or intensive courses are often offered to secure training for a full week for trainers and bring in the income. But you may not have done enough training during your intensive course.

They are usually rushed with not enough time allocated for thorough in-depth guidance. If you have struggled with something along the way, it has an impact on other areas of training and things will be missed out because there isn’t enough time to go through everything.

It puts you and the Instructor under pressure

It also puts you and the Instructor under a huge amount of pressure. This is because if the weather is poor and you can’t get on the bike for long because of cold or bad weather you will not be prepared properly. You might not be in the best frame of mind if you are going into tests thinking you are not good enough, especially if you have struggled during the training process.

Attending a Module 1 motorcycle test without being fully prepared will almost certainly result in a fail and worse still an accident if not ready and familiar with the circuit and speed exercises.

Motorcycle Training Instructor and student


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Book the test centre to practise

Pre-booking the test centre for practice is easy, all the training school has to do is book a slot for you. Sometimes a session is booked as part of your training fee, other training schools charge a fee for this service.

But it is available for them to book it for your specific training sessions. There is no excuse for the training school not to take you there for a session or two to help you thoroughly prepare for your test.

Some training schools’ pass rates are not very high, this is because learner riders are taken to test far too early and before they are ready. This results in bikes being dropped and damaged, incidents occurring at the test centre and you feeling hopeless because you have failed a test.

Home study

Using the Motorcycle Riders Hub Module 1 Training Course, give online explanation, tuition and guidance. There are no stones left unturned with education tips, help and advice that will help you understand exactly what to do.

It is a source of guidance and information explaining each exercise in-depth. Used alongside practical training it will elevate your knowledge and skill level, meaning a stress free test. By watching the guidance videos you’ll be able to visualise exactly what to do and how to negotiate each exercise.

This platform ensures learner riders are well equipped with the knowledge about what the Module 1 motorcycle test is all about. Not only does it show you what to do, it goes into detail about how to exactly negotiate each manoeuvre too. It will ensure you have a good understanding of what each exercise is and how it should be conducted.

Forewarned is forearmed

If you have not been to the test centre during your training, or if you have yet to start the Module 1 training, it gives a full breakdown of the learning process. Being forewarned is being forearmed, this will get rid of any test nerves or pre training anxiety you may have.

It does not substitute practical training but will give all the tools necessary to visualise each exercise, resulting in a better prepared and confident test.

Take your time

Rushing to complete each exercise during the Module 1 motorcycle test will probably result in you failing. During your training and coaching the emphasis should be on methodical processes to be able to easily complete each exercise.

The use of deliberate control of the motorcycle should be practised thoroughly and be second nature to you.

Slow things down

Being prepared and riding with confidence will help to control any test nerves you may have. Slow things down, it is not a race to complete the test and you should ride with a sense of purpose through each exercise to demonstrate good bike handling skills to the examiner.

Forgetting to carry out observations before moving off is a typical fault, too many misses will result in a fail. This is because the test centre is an unfamiliar environment and with test nerves riders forget to look behind before pulling away between exercises.

Slowing things down will help you, but getting into a good habit to start with will ensure your observations are carried out correctly prior to moving off.

Knocking over cones

Another reason that a Module 1 motorcycle test candidate fails the test is that they knock a cone over during an exercise. This usually happens during the slalom, as the exhaust hits the cone as you go too close and it doesn’t clear the cone adequately.

The other reason you may fail is by hitting the blue cone on the avoidance exercises. There are many reasons this happens, it could be because you get target fixation and look at the cone when trying to avoid hitting it. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, the bike will go where you look!

Online Mod 1 Course gives guidance

There are many other reasons too, speed is one, turning too late is another but Motorcycle Riders Hub online Module 1 Course certainly puts you on the right path for a first time pass. It explains when and how to accelerate, where to turn off the power and where to execute the steering to actually turn.

Not making the required speeds during the speed exercises is another significant reason that people fail, along with putting your foot down during slow control manoeuvres.

Most of these reasons are down to a lack of practice and the required training. Some are the result of nerves on the day but with proper and thorough training you will go into a Module 1 motorcycle test confident and with a positive attitude for a good outcome.

This list is not extensive and further guidance should be taken from a good training provider. This will ensure you are taken to Module 1 motorcycle test ready and able to pass the first time with ease.

Good luck…

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