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Choose the Best Female Clothing when Riding a Motorcycle

Choose the Best Female Clothing when Riding a Motorcycle

The best female clothing When riding a motorcycle

As with everything to do with biking, motorcycle clothing is a whole different world. If you are new to biking you’re probably not aware of the different gear that is available on the market, and what the differences are in the technology used, and how this can affect your comfort and safety.

When I first started riding I was very aware of my vulnerability, and safety was my top priority. However, my first purchases were not necessarily the best.  

My first sets of clothing

My first pair of boots wore reasonably well but they leaked. My first gloves were pretty cheap and I learned the hard way that gloves are one of the most important pieces of clothing.  

Gloves need to be comfortable (so that you can use the controls without restriction) and they need to cope with the weather. They need to keep your hands dry and warm or cool depending on the time of year and weather conditions.  So I replaced my gloves pretty quickly and had several pairs to suit different temperatures and weather conditions.

My first jacket and trousers were good though. I bought a textile two-piece suit by Rev’it. Although I did stop using the trousers a couple of years ago because they leaked, I still use the jacket today. The trousers would do as a spare pair if I bought some waterproofing spray to put on them.  

The downside was, they weren’t Gore-Tex, so in the summer they were pretty hot and sweaty. Another drawback was that the jacket was red and because I was commuting daily, it got absolutely filthy and was a bit of a chore to keep washing!

You need more than one set of clothing

Depending on what you use your bike for, you may need different sets of clothing. If you just ride on dry summer days then you’re probably okay with a set of leathers and summer boots.  

I invested fairly quickly in a set of leathers, they were really for summer as they had quite a lot of fabric and also air vents in the jacket. These have been quite a good buy and weren’t particularly expensive, although I have had to have the jacket zip replaced.

Which waterproofs?

If you ride all year round you should invest in some waterproofs.  So what do you go for?

Leathers with waterproof over-garments, I actually really hate these. I have never found trousers that fit over and that I can get on without having a hissy fit!

Waterproof fabric gear, Gore-Tex or not?  I have invested in a set of Gore-Tex textiles.  They are really comfortable, cosy and warm with winter liners. Although, I am not massively thrilled about the quality of them as both the jacket and the trousers have had several of the poppers and zip tabs break.  

I have also had real problems getting a good fit at the cuff and can’t seem to get a solution that doesn’t leak.

Motorcycle Training Instructor and student


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Protective qualities

And then there are the various forms of protection. Lots of clothing comes with built in armour. Although a lot of jackets now do not have any back protection included. I have bought a separate back protector that provides protection at the sides as well. It is comfortable and slightly insulated.

Recently I had a look at some airbag vests and jackets and they do seem a really sensible option, but they aren’t cheap. Although there is no price on your life it is a lot of money to spend without being sure of the practicality and no real way to ‘test drive’ them.

And what about boots?

I changed my boots so that I had a pair that didn’t leak. I’ve kept the old ones as spares. I currently have a pair of good quality Gore-Tex lined touring boots. They are really comfortable and I would be happy wearing them all day.

The only thing I need is a pair of summer boots for when it is really hot. Unfortunately it is not that frequent in the UK, but if I was spending any amount of time touring in a hotter climate I would consider buying some.

The changes I’d like to make to my clothing are:

We can all get it wrong sometimes. As a new rider you can end up buying rubbish as you don’t have a clue about what is good or bad. You may make mistakes along the way, but need to learn from them, as in the biking world it could be costly. That’s why most bikers stay with what they know and are comfortable with.

Jacket change

I’d definitely buy a different jacket for commuting, not sure what yet but I’m exploring some options. Watch this space…

The cuff problem

I really do want to find a solution for my Gore-Tex jacket cuff problem. It has never sealed properly around the cuff and I always get damp in that area when it rains.

Waterproofs solution

I want a solution to the waterproof saga, especially when I am riding abroad. They are always a faff to get in and out of and if you don’t boil in the bag wearing them, you get wet trying to get them on when it rains!

Leathers with less fabric

I’d like some new leathers with less fabric so that I can wear them more often. I will probably get made to measure as this is the solution to the problem, made to measure and to my specifications. Although these are expensive.

Alternative clothing for track and touring

What I don’t have at the moment is any clothing that would meet standards required for use on the track.

No plan to go on the track at the moment but it’s something I’d have to build into the cost if I decided to do this.

I would also have to review my clothing if I were to expand my experience in touring. This would depend on where and for how long. Currently this is more likely than track, more touring is certainly on the horizon as it’s a perfect getaway.

Written by Moira Day (female rider)

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