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Portugal – 2023


24 May - 06 June



COST: £2399


Day 1 – Ferry

Day 2 – Small route – Santander to Salamanca

Day 3 – Salamanca to Chaves

Day 4 – Chaves to Porto

Day 5 – Porto to Estremoz

Day 6 – Estremoz to Alvor

Day 7 – Alvor – Ride out

Day 8 – Day off R&R

Day 9 – Day off R&R

Day 10 – Alvor – Ride out

Day 11 – Alvor to Guarda

Day 12 – Guarda to Santander

Day 13 – Ferry

Day 14 – Ride back home

Day 1

Home to Plymouth 

Catch the overnight ferry in the afternoon, heading to Santander.

Enjoy a few briefings and training sessions ready for when we arrive in Spain.

200 miles

Day 2

Arrive Santander – Santander to Salamanca

Get off the main road and enjoy the old mountain road as we work our way over the Picos.

Training day on twisty roads to practise cornering and overtaking.

200 miles

Day 3

Salamanca to Chaves

Ride form Spain across the border into Portugal. Sample some of the great roads that get better as we ride through National Parks in north Portugal.

Training day with lots of cornering practice.

200 miles

Day 4

Chaves to Porto

Arguably the best training ground in Portugal. Advanced cornering training riding down the length of the Douro Valley with a variety of fantastic roads.

200 miles

Day 5

Porto to Estremoz

A means to an end, this is a big day traversing the centre belt of Portugal. The views are amazing once we get out of the hustle and bustle of the traffic in Porto.

A great Training day on a variety of excellent roads.

300 miles

Day 6

Estremoz to Alvor

A treat is in store on one of our stops. The Chapel of Bones where the words ‘ the bones that are laid here await yours’  are unscripted on the entrance. Then its a ride to the Monchique Hills for chicken prior pier for lunch.

150 miles

Day 7

Sightseeing ride in the Algarve 

Visit Park Algarve Portimao, Cape St Vincent & Aljezur

150 miles

Day 8

Rest day – Pool or beach for the day

0 miles

Day 9

Rest day – Pool or beach for the day

0 miles

Day 10

Training day – The Group can choose the type of roads they want to ride but we have a surprise in store for those who feel more adventurous. 

Ride the Helta-Sketa road (probably the best road in Portugal)

150-200 miles

Day 11

Alvor to Guarda

This has to be amongst my favourite routes in Europe, big twisty roads carved into the mountains and then big miles along the plains of mid Portugal.

A fantastic Training day – Faster open roads with long sweeping corners

350 miles

Day 12

Guarda training day in the Serra de Estrella mountains

Experience the thrill of the north and see sights that British Bikers never see. Hold your breath – you’ll need to.

A real hidden gem of a day.

200 miles

Day 13

Guarda to Santander

A big day riding for a n early evening ferry. End the day with a cold glass of beer to celebrate our return to Santander

Catch the ferry from Santander to Portsmouth

08:30 depart – Training day

350 miles

Day 14

Arrive Portsmouth and ride home

200 miles

Essential facts

14 days

2500 miles approx

Countries travelled – Spain & Portugal

Money required for fuel, lunch and dinner

Two days off – rest day R&R

Route cards & Itinerary given out to riders

Single accommodation (except on ferry)

5 star luxury holiday apartment in Alvor


COST: £2399



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COST: £2399

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