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No More Bike Drops

Learn How to Improve Your
Slow Control Riding Skills

Skip the guesswork by using our structured Slow Control programme. Don’t just pass; gain knowledge, skills, and confidence.
Your success lies in the Slow Control Vault. Choose commitment over casual learning – elevate your riding skills.

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Confront Your Riding Fears

The words ‘Slow Control’ usually cause sweaty palms. Do you dread dropping your bike?

If so, you’re in good company. Riders everywhere fear the slow-speed slip-ups that can lead to costly mistakes.

We focus on smashing those mental demons as well as mastering the necessary physical techniques. Turn awkward situations into cool-headed confidence.

Are you ready to ride past your fears and learn how to improve your slow control?

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Hours of Training
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The Four-Stage Game Changer

Forget trial and error. Turn that tight grip of anxiety into calm, cool and calculated control.

We embrace the training world’s exclusive four-step methodical systematic approach.

With the world’s first online Slow Control course, we guide you seamlessly through an easy-to-follow process in 4 easy steps:

It’s hands-on, it’s holistic and it’s how you’ll conquer your fears.

Our exclusive online education is a game changer for riders seeking better control over their bikes and their fears.

The Course Programme

Getting Started

03 lessons
1. Introduction
2. Holding The Bars
3. The Riders Posture
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Rider Basics

08 lessons
4. Pulling Away and Stopping
5. Riding On Tick-Over
6. Riding With One Hand
7. Understanding Feedback
8. Using the Clutch
9. Mastering Motorcycle Stability
10. The Figure of 8 (Fig-of-8)
11. The U-Turn
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Improving Confidence

02 lessons
12. Standing Up
13. Counterbalancing
Learn more

On The Road

07 lessons
14. Awkward Situations
15. Dealing With Hills
16. Manual Handling Skills
17. Where and How To Park
18. Limited View at Junctions
19. Cambers and Gradients
20. Controlling Panic – Mind Over Matter!
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Alternative Learning for Visionary Riders

We’ve got it all if you need help to improve Slow Control skills on a motorcycle.

All delivered by seasoned instructors.

Choose your learning style and improve at your own pace. With our comprehensive content, you’ll find your footing and finesse in no time.

You learn best when you are receptive and relaxed and in this state you absorb more information. Elevate your knowledge in comfort before putting it into practise.

Your Style, Your Speed, Your Success

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Look Good. Feel Great. Ride Better.

No more fear of falling or dropping your bike.

Our Slow Control course not only safeguards your bike from scrapes but also boosts your riding confidence and self-esteem.

This online Slow Control Course is essential if you want to improve. A small investment now will save huge costly repair bills later on!

It’s about saving money and saving face, showing-off skills that screamExpert Rider Control’.

Gain the confidence to glide gracefully, no matter the speed.

Professional Guidance - All in one place for easy access

Stop fumbling around on social media and YouTube for snippets of uneducated wisdom!

Our structured, expert-driven course sets you up for long-term success in learning how to improve your Slow Control riding.

It’s the Full Picture, the Complete Guide, the Training Vault you’ve been looking for.

Delve into the training experience

Triumphs of Technique and Success

These aren’t just success stories; they’re riders like you who chose to face their fears head-on with our online Slow Control Course.

They’ve dropped the doubts and not their bikes. You’re next…

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Nige Davis

“I went from anxious to assured”

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Ben Parfit

“I fancied myself as good at Slow Control but have learned loads”

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John Stokes

“It's like you are with me, Totally utterly brilliant!”

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Transition from Nerves to Knowledge

End the downward spiral of nervous riding. Take Control of –

● Yourself
● Your Bike
● and Every Situation

With our online guidance, you’ll navigate the narrowest paths with ease and without a second thought, mastering your Slow Control.

It’s time for the Rider in you to emerge – Skilled, Assured and Unstoppable.

At Motorcycle Riders Hub, your riding future is waiting and it's brighter than ever.

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