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Your Slow Control Free Taster

The UK’s First and Only Online Training Platform

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Educational Lessons & Training Videos
to Improve Your Riding Skills

List of Training Lessons in the Vault

Slow riding is more than just a skill. It’s a critical aspect of riding that is very often ignored or overlooked in the quest for higher speed riding.

Expand the list below - In bold are the Lessons you'll get.

1. Introduction
2. Holding The Bars
3. The Riders Posture

4. Pulling Away and Stopping
5. Riding On Tick-Over
6. Riding With One Hand
7. Understanding The Bikes Feedback
8. Using the Clutch
9. Mastering Motorcycle Stability
10. The Figure of 8 (Fig-of-8)
11. The U-Turn

12. Standing Up
13. Counterbalancing

14. Awkward Situations
15. Dealing With Hills
16. Manual Handling Skills
17. Where and How To Park
18. Limited View at Junctions
19. Cambers and Gradients
20. Controlling Panic – Mind Over Matter!

Learn to Ride
Slow Control Course

All 20 lessons listed in drop down panel

In each Sample Lesson you’ll see 4 different learning modules:-

1. Training Videos – Detailed information about each lesson

2. Podcast – An audio lesson to listen to on the move

3. Instructor Tips – A snippet of information from instructors

5. Quiz – To check on your progress through the course

Slow Control - Top 10 Tips

Things to consider before taking the plunge

Learning to ride slowly isn't easy, it's imperative that you understand the basics and apply them all the time.

You must to set the foundations properly in order to be comfortable and confident on the bike. Just doing what you’ve always done will not help you improve.

We can help guide you through the process to be a master at Slow Control. ​

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