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Slow Control eBook



Don’t Drop Your Bike: Your Path to Precision and Confidence

Transform your slow control riding from a daunting challenge to a mastered skill with our comprehensive Slow Control Course.

This course is designed to alleviate the fears and uncertainties that riders face.

Through practical tips, expert guidance and a focus on skill-building, we help you gain the control and confidence needed for perfect slow riding.

Say goodbye to wobbles and anxiety and hello to smooth, skilful control.

Contents of the 67 page e-Book

  • GETTING STARTED – 3 topics
  • RIDER BASICS – 8 topics
  • ON THE ROAD – 7 topics
Product Description

Master Slow Control on Your Motorcycle: A Guide to Precision and Poise

Embarking on the journey to master slow control on your motorcycle can seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our Slow Control eBook is your trusted companion, meticulously crafted to simplify and clarify the art of slow riding.

Authored by experienced motorcycle instructors, this comprehensive guide is tailored to dissolve your fears and enhance your skills for ultimate control and confidence.

Picture yourself effortlessly manoeuvring through tight spaces and crowded areas. Our eBook offers an in-depth exploration of slow control techniques, breaking down each aspect of slow riding into understandable and bite-sized chunks.

From the basic principles, we cover every detail. Packed with practical tips and clear explanations, this guide becomes your go-to resource for mastering Slow Control.

Achieving Mastery in Slow Control

This eBook goes beyond basic instruction, it’s about achieving mastery over your motorcycle at slow speeds.

Through our extensive exercise guides and techniques for reducing stress, you’ll move from feeling apprehensive to being in total control. Gain a in-depth understanding of the mechanics of slow riding and learn how to apply these skills practically and confidently.

Transform your slow riding from a challenge into an art form. With our eBook, turn your apprehensions into a well-defined plan for success, ensuring you’re not only prepared but also poised and proficient in slow control.

Mastering slow control is not just about skill. It’s about confidence, safety, and enjoying the ride.

Let our guide be your roadmap to becoming a more skilled and confident rider.

What’s Inside:

✓ Overcome the common fear of slow riding with expert techniques
✓ Learn how to ride with precision in any situation, especially in crowded spaces

✓ Understand why slow riding seems challenging and how to conquer it
✓ Practical exercises to turn your dread into proficiency

✓ Learn the importance of practice, as exemplified by track riders
✓ Realise how consistent practice is key to perfecting slow control

✓ Discover essential skills to enhance your slow riding
✓ Techniques to prevent common issues like wobbling or dropping the bike

✓ Personalised advice on slow control riding
✓ Understand and respond to your bike’s feedback for improved control

✓ Designed to significantly improve your skills
✓ Confidence in improvement or a promise of a full refund

✓ Access to an in-depth, step-by-step guide for slow control mastery
✓ Tips and tricks to elevate your riding skill to a new level

Course  Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Holding the bars
  3. The riders posture
  4. Stopping and pulling away
  5. Riding on tick-over
  6. Riding with one hand
  7. Understanding feedback
  8. Using the clutch
  9. Mastering motorcycle stability
  10. Figure of 8 (Fig-of-8)
  11. The U-Turn
  12. Standing up 
  13. Counterbalancing
  14. Awkward situations
  15. Dealing with hills
  16. Handling skills
  17. Where and how to park
  18. Limited view at junctions
  19. Cambers and gradients
  20. Controlling panic – Mind over matter!


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