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“RIDEto Special Offer” Online CBT Course Lessons

£9.99 for 3 months

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The Best Start for CBT Learner Riders

Get full Access to the ‘Learning to Ride’ CBT Course for 90 days while you are learning to ride.

The UK’s only online training platform. Designed to help you learn in comfort when you can absorb more information.

Then turn up to your CBT less stressed, less anxious and more confident.

Helping you save money and time as you won’t need to return for more training sessions.

The UK’s Best Online ‘Learning to Ride’ resource – Delivered by Experts.


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Product Description

This RIDEto Special Offer, gives you full access to the ‘Learning to Ride’ CBT Course – (90 day access)

The Learning to ride Online CBT programme allows you to watch every training lesson from the comfort of your own home.

Because learning to ride a motorcycle can be difficult, the online training and education allows you to study when it’s convenient for you. It’s available 24/7 on any device.

The online course means you can watch all the important lessons before you turn up of your CBT. The in-depth lessons have no time restrictions, so they are full lessons giving you all the information and details you need to learn.

It’s easier to watch and learn when you are comfortable and able to absorb the content. When you are on the bike, it can be a challenge learning, listening and applying the skills all at the same time. This is the perfect solution to help you learn and prepare.


What’s Included:-

There are 4 sections to the Online CBT Programme. Each one has bee meticulously created to give you a step by step methodical learning process.

By using this as a stepping stone learning platform, you will gain knowledge and confident before and after your practical training.

  • ✓ Rider Basics (10 Lessons – Preparing to ride)
  • ✓ Keys Skills (10 Lessons – car park lessons)
  • ✓ Junction Guide (10 Lessons – Negotiate Junctions)
  • ✓ Road Riding (6 Lessons – How to ride on the road)


Learn how to operate and control the motorcycle before you arrive, this gives you a huge head start.

Understand the clutch, gears, throttle and brakes before you even sit on the bike. Also learn how to stop and pull away, operate the bike for slow control and change gears.

You also get hours of on-road guidance, teaching you how to use the road and what to do at junctions and roundabouts. 


Learning material:-

  • ✓ 36 Lessons
  • ✓ Training videos explaining how to ride
  • ✓ 43 page eBook – With all the lesson content and advice
  • ✓ 36 Instructor Tips and advice
  • ✓ 36 Podcasts & audio
  • ✓ 36 Quizzes and Progress tests


Theory Test Academy

Along with this you’ll get full access to 30 FREE Theory Tests. 

20 are text based questions and 10 are dedicated to signs, pictures and images. 

All this for just £9.99.


Your Investment

This online guide was developed for learner riders, to help them learn and understand what to do before they turn up for practical training.

For a small investment DOUBLE the CHANCE of PASSING your CBT 1st time.

*Less stress, less anxiety and less cost.

Delivery Date

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Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100

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