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How to pass the CBT eBook



Kickstart Your Motorcycle Journey: The Essential CBT eBook for New Riders

Begin your motorcycle adventure with our dedicated Learning to ride CBT eBook. 

Specifically crafted for new riders, this eBook provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-grasp guide to the basics of motorcycling. 

It’s your personal guide to understanding, preparing and excelling in your Compulsory Basic Training.

It will ensure you start your riding journey with the right knowledge and confidence.

Contents of the 43 page e-Book

  • RIDER BASICS – 10 topics
  • KEY SKILLS – 10 topics
  • JUNCTION GUIDE – 10 topics
  • ROAD RIDING – 6 topics
Product Description

Your road riding journey with added confidence

Our course offers an in-depth, step-by-step walkthrough on mastering motorcycle controls, providing learners with a solid foundation for road riding. 

Elevate Your Knowledge

You’ll learn not just the mechanics of operating a bike, like changing gears and executing slow control manoeuvres but also the nuances of riding with confidence and safety.

This preparation is ideal for those seeking a head start in understanding gear changes, slow control, stopping and pulling away and overall motorcycle handling.

The learning experience extends seamlessly into road scenarios. Gain insights on how to navigate various types of junctions and master the art of roundabouts with the correct road positioning. 

Life Saving

Crucial skills like effective observation and ‘lifesavers’ (aptly named for their importance in rider safety). All are thoroughly covered, ensuring you’re well-prepared and ready to riding on your own.

Our training is comprehensive and adaptable to diverse environments. Whether you’re anticipating city centre rides or navigating rural roads, our dedicated sections for urban and rural riding equip you with the necessary skills.

This overall approach ensures you have all the knowledge you need, gathered in one accessible and user-friendly eBook.

What’s Inside:

✓ An overview of what Compulsory Basic Training entails
✓ Clear explanations of CBT requirements and objectives

✓ Tips on mastering basic motorcycle controls
✓ Guidance on developing core riding skills

✓ Important safety considerations for new riders
✓ Best practices for a safe riding experience

✓ Strategies to maximise your learning and readiness for CBT
✓ Techniques to reduce anxiety and enhance focus

✓ Key concepts every new rider should know
✓ Practical advice for applying these principles on the road

Course Contents:

    1. Learning to ride
    2. Preparation
    3. Course explained
    4. Rider faults
    5. Observations
    6. The 5 basic controls
    7. How to hold the bars
    8. Operating the controls
    9. Daily motorcycle checks – VOLTS
    10. Basic motorcycle checks – POWDDERSSS
    11. Safety position
    12. Selecting 1st gear and neutral
    13. Pulling away and stopping
    14. Slow control
    15. Figure-of-eight
    16. U-Turn
    17. Changing gear
    18. Controlled braking
    19. Emergency stop
    20. Basic counter steering
    21. Negotiating junctions – OSMPSL
    22. Poor junction control
    23. Slowing down for junctions
    24. T-Junction – Turn left
    25. T-Junction – Turn right
    26. Side road – Turn left
    27. Side road – Turn right
    28. Roundabouts – Turn left
    29. Roundabouts – Straight ahead
    30. Roundabouts – Turn right
    31. Urban road riding
    32. City centre riding
    33. Rural riding
    34. First time on the road
    35. Further training
    36. Take responsibility


More than just an ebook

This eBook is more than just a preparatory guide. it’s a companion in your journey towards becoming a confident and responsible motorcyclist. 

With this eBook, you’re not just preparing for your CBT. You’re laying the groundwork for a lifetime of enjoyable and safe riding.

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