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A Recap of Your Gateway
to Riding Confidence

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The UK’s First and Only Online Training Platform

Educational Videos for New Riders

Ease your worries and embark on a well-guided path. Learn the essentials and establish a strong foundation right from the start.

Discover the Complete Riding Guide Below – Members Only

1. Learning to ride a motorcycle

2. Preparing for training

3. Course explained

4. Riding faults

5. Observations

6. The 5 basic controls

7. How to hold the bars

8. Operating the controls

9. Daily checks VOLTS

10. Weekly checks POWDDERSS

11. Safety position

12. Selecting 1st gear & neutral

13. Pulling away

14. Slow control

15. Figure-of-Eight

16. U-Turn

17. Changing gear

18. Controlled braking

19. Emergency stop

20. Basic counter steering

21. Negotiating Junctions – OSMPSL

22. Poor junction control

23. Slowing down for junctions

24. T Junction – Turn left

25. T Junction – Turn right

26. Side road – Turn left

27. Side road – Turn right

28. Roundabouts – Turn left

29. Roundabouts – Straight ahead

30. Roundabouts – Turn right

31. Urban riding

32. City riding

33. Rural riding

34. First time on road

35. Further training

36. Take responsibility

Start Your Journey Today

Unlock all 36 lessons to elevate your knowledge and riding skills

This online platform is designed for New and Novice riders.

    • We specialise in developing learners.
    • Focus on mastering basic skills.
    • Take Control of your own development.


Video Classes for CBT Passes

Lesson 03 - Course Explained

Nervous about your CBT and first ride? You’re not alone.

That’s why we crafted the Learners CBT Course just for you. Dive into our informative Course to help prepare for your CBT, get expert tips, training videos and podcasts to develop you knowledge.

We break everything down, in clear, bite-sized steps, so you can focus on riding with confidence.

Lesson 08 - How To Operate The Controls

As a learner rider, it’s normal to find your gaze drifting towards the bike’s controls. In this lesson, we’ll guide you through gaining familiarity with the controls, transforming it into second nature.

Our goal is to help you maintain your focus on the road while confidently operating the bike’s controls.

Lesson 24 - T Junction - Turn Left

Navigating T-Junctions is a pivotal skill for learner riders.

This lesson is crafted to break down each stage to ensure you understand how to negotiate them safety and with confidence.

We recognise the challenges you face and provide clear advice to help you overcome them with ease.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Visualisation

When you can’t carry out physical practise, you can still learn to enhance and build your riding skills.

The power of visualising when learning new skills should not be underestimated. When you truly understand a technique or new skill mentally, your practical ability rises by a minimum of 20%.

A small investment now has huge results later on, which ultimately saves you time and money.

Make Sure You Are Ready

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