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The Essential Tools to Pass the
Mod 1 Motorcycle Test

Skip the guesswork by using our structured Mod 1 programme. Don’t just pass, gain knowledge, skills, and confidence.
Your success lies in the Mod 1 Training Vault. Choose commitment over casual learning to elevate your riding skills.



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Hours of Training
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Pieces of training material

Education & Guidance to Pass First Time

Discover how our online Mod 1 test guidance and support will increase your chances of a first time pass.

Learn the techniques and visualise each section of the test with precision and expertise.

This online programme is meticulously designed to effectively lead you through each exercise to help you learn the intricate detail of each test manoeuvre.

Experience the thrill of your progress as we transform your initial anxiety and apprehensions into confidence and control.

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Turning Uncertainty into Confidence

Defeat the fear of the unknown with our comprehensive training. We address each knowledge gap with precision, transforming your uncertainties into strengths.

Master your nerves and struggles by understanding how to navigate the Mod 1 manoeuvres, we ensure you’re equipped for every hurdle.

Learn how to position correctly for each slow control exercise, including how to position and perform a perfect emergency stop and avoidance exercise.

The Course Programme

It gives you help and support as a novice riders and gives you advice on how to master motorcycle control to pass the Mod 1 test first attempt.


08 lessons
1. Learning to ride
2. About the Module One Test
3. The course explained
4. What to take
5. What to wear
6. The Examiners briefing
7. The test area explained
8. Common rider faults & fails
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Left Circuit Exercises

11 lessons
10. Entering the test centre
11. Parking-up
12. Manual handling
13. Slalom and Figure-of-Eight
14. Slow control
15. U-Turn
16. Riding the circuit
17. Controlled Stop
18. Emergency Stop
19. Avoidance exercise
20. Leaving the test centre
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Right Circuit Exercises

11 lessons
10. Entering the test centre
11. Parking-up
12. Manual handling
13. Slalom and Figure-of-Eight
14. Slow control
15. U-Turn
16. Riding the circuit
17. Controlled Stop
18. Emergency Stop
19. Avoidance exercise
20. Leaving the test centre
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Full Tests

08 lessons
21. Full Test – Riders View Left Circuit
22. Full Test – Riders View Right Circuit
23. Full test – Examiners View Left Circuit
24. Full Test – Examiners View Right Circuit
25. Slow Control – Both Views Left Circuit
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Your Continuous Learning Companion

Your Ever-Present Guide to Riding Excellence

When Mod 1 test day comes, you’ll have more than just memories. 

You’ll have a solid foundation to rely on, with educational resources that remain at your side, ride after ride.

We celebrate progress, big and small, especially when you are learning detailed techniques for each test exercise.

Track your progress with our interactive training aids and quizzes.

Anxiety Affects Memory - Forgetful is Fearful

Practical Skills, Proven Learning Strategies

Bring the Mod 1 test to life

Experience step by step guidance inside the Mod 1 Training Vault.. The videos show a riders view, an examiners view and an animation explaining the intricacies of each Mod 1 exercise.

Our video lessons and training bring each manoeuvre to life, from the precision of the Slalom to the quick reactions needed for the Avoidance Exercise.

Interactive quizzes, eBooks, Podcasts and Instructor Top Tips will transform your uncertainties into confidence. Develop good mental skills that you can easily put into practise.

Be prepared - Pass first time!

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Training Videos


Podcasts & audio books

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How to guides & eBooks





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The Four-Stage Game Changer

Transform your learning experience with a unique training method. Your breakthrough approach to elevating your skills with Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation and Practise.

Our resources are designed to provide you with the knowledge needed for effective memory recall. This enables you to visualise each exercise.

We provide a personalised and engaging approach to learning, ensuring each step is aligned with your individual style and pace.


Grasp the fundamentals with clear Explanations to lay strong foundations



Visualise success with step-by-step Demonstrations


Imitate & Instruction

Imitate the techniques you learn, embed them in your muscle memory



Reinforce your techniques with repeated Practise. Set skills properly

Conquering Test Day Nerves

From Anxiety to Assurance - Don’t just take our word for it

Turn test day jitters into calm, composed performance. Our in-depth resources are the antidote to test day nerves, providing clear strategies and insights.

Approach each element of the test with confidence, knowing you are thoroughly prepared. This is what our customers say:

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Michelle Waldron

“It’s brilliant, it’s opened the toolbox that will help me improve”

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Jon Boyd

“It’s improved my planning and awareness already. The videos bring the advanced training books to life.”

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Lynn Court

“It’s invaluable, especially for new or inexperienced riders. Absolutely fabulous.”

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Mastering the Mod 1 Test -
Your Stepping Stone to Perfection

Enhance your Mod 1 test preparation with Online Mod 1 Training Support, designed to comprehensively answer your queries.

While our Module 1 Training Vault serves as an invaluable resource on its own, its true potential is unlocked when it is used alongside hands-on practical motorcycle training.

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Turning Theory into Practise

If you want to enhance your training experience, join our training partners at RMT Motorcycle Training. Where learners from across the nation go to refine their skills for the Mod 1 test.

Their expert trainers provide personalised guidance, focusing on technique and control, critical for Mod 1 test success. You get to train in the actual test centre. 

Contact them for detailed information and enquire about tailored training packages, complete with accommodation options for an all-encompassing learning experience. 

Call 01527 500333 or email

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