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Pre & Post CBT Course Support

Learn to Ride & Pass the
CBT Course

Skip the guesswork by using our structured CBT programme. Don’t just pass; gain knowledge, skills, and confidence.
Your success lies in the CBT Vault. Choose commitment over casual learning – elevate your riding skills.



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Hours of Training
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Pieces of training material

Everything You Need in One Place

Your first miles are made easier when you know what to do.

Starting your motorcycle journey can be daunting. The fear of falling off, the dread of judgement and the flutter of butterfly nerves before you start. It’s all real and we understand how difficult it can be learning to ride a motorcycle.

Our comprehensive online training programme is meticulously designed for new riders seeking confidence and control.

You will find 36 in-depth educational lessons spanning from using the basic controls to city riding.

We guide you through each stage of learning to ride, ensuring no question goes unanswered and with all your fears addressed.

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Elevate your Riding Skills & Safety with a Focused Approach

A Systematic Learning Approach

Our step-by-step method is like painting by numbers for motorcycle training.

It’s intuitive, progressive and tailored to help you learn to ride a motorcycle at your own pace.

It’s a unique and innovative way to prepare for your CBT and the many miles to come, crafted to reduce the pressures of the steep learning curve during practical training.

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Transform Your Riding with Expert-Led Training

Why settle for scattered tips and random advice on YouTube, when you can have the professional, cohesive and empathetic training experience all in one place.

Motorcycle Riders Hub provides professional help for you to learn to ride a motorcycle. Every piece of training material is delivered by experts.

Here, you’re not just learning; you’re evolving into the confident rider you aspire to be.

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The Course Programme

It gives you help and support as a novice and gives you advice on how to master motorcycle control and how to ride on the road.

Rider Basics

10 lessons
1. Learning to ride a motorcycle​
2. Preparing for training​
3. Course explained​
4. Riding faults​
5. Observations​
6. The 5 basic controls​
7. How to hold the bars​
8. Operating the controls​
9. Daily checks VOLTS​
10. Weekly checks POWDDERSS
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Key Skills

10 lessons
11. Safety position
12. Selecting 1st gear & neutral
13. Pulling away
14. Slow control
15. Figure-of-Eight
16. U-Turn
17. Changing gear
18. Controlled braking
19. Emergency stop
20. Basic counter steering
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Junction Guide

10 lessons
21. Negotiating Junctions – OSMPSL
22. Poor junction control
23. Slowing down for junctions
24. T Junction – Turn left
25. T Junction – Turn right
26. Side road – Turn left
27. Side road – Turn right
28. Roundabouts – Turn left
29. Roundabouts – Straight ahead
30. Roundabouts – Turn right
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Road Rides

06 lessons
31. Urban riding
32. City riding
33. Rural riding
34. First time on road
35. Further training
36. Take responsibility
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Solid Foundations Measure Success

When the CBT day comes, you’ll have more than just memories. 

You’ll have a solid foundation to rely on, with educational resources that remain at your side, ride after ride.

We celebrate progress, big and small, especially when you are learning to ride a motorcycle.

Track your learning path with our interactive progress tests and quizzes

Our Support Goes the Distance

You're not just signing up for lessons; you're joining a community dedicated to helping you learn to ride a motorcycle.

Our support network extends beyond videos and quizzes, offering real-time interaction practical training, blogs, social media and exclusive groups.

It’s education paired with encouragement, ensuring you’re never riding solo on your educational journey.

Access the Training Vault

Hear It from Our Riders

You’re not alone in your quest to learn to ride a motorcycle.

Listen to the experiences of fellow riders who have mastered this path with our help.

Through our online training programme, they’ve gained confidence and overcome their challenges.

Every lesson brings empowerment, every question finds an answer and every fear is faced and conquered.

Kirsten Pobjoy - New rider

A Professional Wing Walker takes to the road instead of the sky!

"I enjoyed how it was broken down into bite size chunks."

"It can be overwhelming learning to ride. It was really helpful to study before I attended the practical training."

" I found it easy to use, especially seeing the different riding perspectives in the videos."

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Start Free Trial

If you're unsure about diving into a course, why not start your Free Trial? The FREE TRIAL gives you a taste of
training video lessons for the CBT Course to see if its the right fit for your needs.

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Beyond the Basics of CBT

Our mission is to sustain your riding passion long after the CBT, to help you learn to ride a motorcycle with confidence.

With additional road riding videos and resources, we bolster that 30% of retained CBT knowledge to a full 100% rider readiness through video education.

We’re here to ensure that what you’ve learned sticks, grows and evolves.

BONUS - Theory Test Academy

Enhance your CBT and your preparations for the Theory Test. Subscribe for free access to 30 comprehensive mock tests and over 1500 multiple-choice questions.


Visual Tests:

Master road signs with x10 image-based mock tests.

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Text Questions:

Deepen your knowledge through x20 text-based mock tests.

Our Free Theory Test Academy is not just about practise, it’s the key to safety on the road and passing the theory test.

Practical Motorcycle Training

You’ll discover comprehensive support with our Online Pre and Post CBT Course, tailored to answer your questions and bridge any training gaps. While our Training Vault is a robust standalone resource, it truly shines when combined with practical motorcycle training.

Experience the difference with our practical training provider ‘RMT Motorcycle Training’, where riders from across the country go to enhance their riding skills.

They offer personalised, expert guidance tailored to your unique riding goals. Are you interested in taking your skills to the next level with our professional instructors?

Give them a call for more details, and ask about the inclusive accommodation options for a complete training experience.

01527 500333

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At Motorcycle Riders Hub, your riding future is waiting and it's brighter than ever.

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