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Don't want to Come-off or Crash!

Learn How to Develop and Elevates
Your Advanced Riding Skill

Skip the guesswork by using our structured Advanced programme. Don’t just pass; gain knowledge, skills, and confidence.
Your success lies in the Advanced Vault. Choose commitment over casual learning – elevate your riding skills.

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Ignite Your Potential - Changes That Make A Difference

We specialise in helping you take the first steps, so that you understand what changes to make to become a better rider.

Our unwavering commitment is to forge the finest riders on the road.

We’re here to fan the flames of your passion, guiding you to become the confident, skilled rider you’re destined to be and to enjoy every moment of the ride.

Join us, and gain more than skills; gain a riding family dedicated to nurturing your growth.

This isn’t just training; it’s a partnership.

We’re with you every step of the way on your journey to riding excellence. With our advanced riding tuition, you will learn how to become a better motorcycle rider.

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Your Pace, Your Place, Your Progress

Anytime, Anywhere with Online Learning

Our online learning materials offer every concept, technique, and expert insight as steps towards your ultimate transformation.

Accessible 24/7 on any device, our platform caters to those aspiring to become better riders through further education. Watch, listen, read and study at home or on the go.

Absorb the knowledge and information at your own pace. Remember, you learn more when you’re relaxed and receptive.

The System of Motorcycle Control - Precision Riding at Your Fingertips

Crucial skills like cornering, overtaking and counter steering are essential for the open road and are often overlooked until a close call (or worse), reveals a gap in your riding ability and skills.

Our structured approach demystifies and simplifies these techniques, essential if you want to improve.

Anticipate the road ahead with the precision of an expert rider.

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Join Today to Transform Your Riding

Elevate Your Skills -
Take the Guesswork Out of Riding

Basic skills are just the beginning, elevating your skills requires deeper knowledge. Our Advanced Training Programme is your roadmap to riding excellence, designed to transform and elevate your riding capabilities.

With 14 bespoke advanced riding lessons crafted by industry experts, we refine your instincts and enhance your control.

Our goal is to help you not just achieve an advanced standard, but to surpass your own expectations.

A customers comment “Roadcraft on video - with more detail”

Let's get you there with control and confidence

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Expert Education for Exceptional Riding

Drawing on decades of educational expertise, we offer a learning experience that’s unrivalled.

Our professional and seasoned instructors provide clear, concise, and immediately applicable insights. Enhance your knowledge and understanding to elevate your riding skills to new heights.

Unlock unparalleled riding skills in the Training Vault in just a few clicks: access our comprehensive, user-friendly training videos for in-depth, transformative guidance.

The Course Programme


02 lessons
1. Foreword
2. Introduction
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05 lessons
3. Explaining IPSGA
4. Information Phase
5. Position Phase
6. Speed & Gear Phases
7. Acceleration Phase
Learn More

Cornering & Overtaking

05 lessons
8. Cornering: Right Hand Bend
9. Cornering: Left Hand Bend
10. Overtaking Cars
11. Overtaking: Large vehicles
12. Overtaking: Multiple vehicles
Learn more

Road Other Lessons

02 lessons
13. Counter steering
14. Braking when cornering
Learn more

From Scary Moments to Skilled Manoeuvres

Say goodbye to heart-stopping moments, close calls, near misses and almost-accidents due to rider error.

Our detailed Video Lessons are designed to elevate your knowledge and transform your riding.

It will make your riding more enjoyable, as you’ll be a smoother and skilled rider. Safety is not just an add-on; it’s a cornerstone for you to become a better rider.

With us, you’ll progress with confidence, while others continue to hesitate, stumble and fall.

Transform Your Riding Skills

What Riders Are Saying

Our reputation speaks volumes about our unique educational approach, especially for those seeking advanced motorcycle rider training. Here are just a few snippets of the praise we’ve earned:
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Michelle Waldron

“It’s brilliant, it’s opened the toolbox that will help me improve”

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Jon Boyd

“It’s improved my planning and awareness already. The videos bring the advanced training books to life.”

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Lynn Court

“It’s invaluable, especially for new or inexperienced riders. Absolutely fabulous.”

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Elevate Your Ability - Become an Skilled Rider

With our advanced education and training, riding is never left to chance.

Say goodbye to trial and error and embrace structured, informed and intelligent riding.

Our members don’t just ride differently; they think differently about the road, their bike and their capabilities.

Expert Instructors Giving No-nonsense Training

Ditch the disjointed and often dubious advice scattered across the internet.

Our all-in-one place platform offers professional, qualified instruction that stands out.


Q: Have you ever wondered how to become a better motorcycle rider through advanced training?

A: Your quest for that solution is right here. It’s a cohesive, consistent, easy-to-follow path to becoming an advanced rider.

It’s not about the speed you reach; it’s about the skill in your technique that truly sets your ride apart.

Your Next Steps to Riding Freedom

Join us with a simple click to learn to ride a motorcycle the right way. Here’s how you can start:

At Motorcycle Riders Hub, your riding future is waiting and it's brighter than ever.

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