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Germany and Auschwitz – 2022

Ta Tour Germany and Auschwitz

Join us on an unforgettable journey and experience something completely different on this unique bike tour. It has a rating difficulty of HARD because it is a long way to ride in 8 days. This advanced riding tour gives you the experience of riding many miles in a week interspersed with some great focal points throughout the journey.

This is one adventure that has it all, loads of miles, some great social time and of course the destinations for those who are interested in sampling a bit of history along the way. This tour’s end point is Auschwitz concentration camp, it is a very somber place and the atrocities here will be etched in your mind forever more. It is a time for reflection and you are left in your own personal thoughts as we depart and make our way west to the next destination.

What Our Tourers Say…

“I wanted to say thank you for the quality in the guidance you’ve given and the experiences I’ve had with you. Never ever doubt just how crafted you are at what you do.”


Also taste your way through the different countries as we make our way across Europe, see what the locals eat as we stop in out of the way places for our rest stops. Many tourists won’t get to see where we will be travelling through.

The journey starts at Folkestone and takes you through France, Belgium and Luxembourg before stopping on the banks of the Mosel river. The journey continues across Germany to the Czech Republic border, then continues the big daily mileage which takes us to Ostrava. The next day will be a guided tour around Auschwitz to experience what life was like during WW2.

The journey back has a less serious tone as we visit Colditz where the castle was used to house prisoners of war. This has a totally different feel as you start to understand the chaos they caused the german captors as the officers plotted their escape. The theme continues as we ride west stopping off at the Möhne Reservoir where The Dam Busters offloaded their payload and caused so much devastation to the German war effort. It is a splendid structure and you can only imagine the chaos as you stand and look at the valley below.

The ride continues west to Ypres to watch the last post being played by the bugler at the Menin Gates, this is a daily tradition of respect to the fallen. This is not a WW2 tour but it is a big ride for those who want to do some proper riding and not just potter about. The learning curve is steep on such big tours and this is why it has a difficulty level marked as HARD. 

This tour is not for the faint hearted or for new or novice riders, if you have any questions as to your ability and what is in store please contact us, as we do not want any rider to be out of their depth during the trip.

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