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Boost your riding skills, on-demand, online, on mobile, with the UK’s Premier digital platform: Engaging, expert-led training for real-world confidence, tailored for motorcyclists of all levels.

Only Available During November 2023

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The UK's First & Only Online Training Platform

As the cold air arrives for winter, the road calls for a pause. BUT your passion for riding doesn’t!

Every cold day is a new opportunity to warm up your Riding Skills from the comfort of home.

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Simon Hayes

No Contracts - No Pressure

Your learning journey should be free of constraints

No contracts, no commitments - Cancel when you want

Your Very Own Online Motorcycle Instructor

Elevate Your Riding Skills at Home with the UK’s Premier Online Digital Platform: Expert-Led Training for Real-World Confidence, Available 24/7 for Motorcyclists of All Levels.

Included in your Subscription are more than 150 training video lessons, available to you online 24/7


Online CBT Course

36 lessons for Learner Riders
• Learning to ride​
• Preparing for training​
• The 5 basic controls​
• Riding faults​ & fails
• Lifesavers & Observations
• Riding on the road
• Operating the controls​
• Motorcycle checks​
• Negotiating roundabouts
• Turning into junctions

Online Mod 1 & 2 Courses

90+ lessons for Learner Rider (Pass the test)
• Prepare for the tests
• Slalom & Fig-of-8
• U-Turn
• Avoidance exercise
• Emergency stop
• Passing the Mod 2 test
• Dealing with junctions
• Overtaking
• Cornering
• Dual carriageways

Online Advanced Course

14 lessons for Riders who want to improve
• Becoming a better rider
• Rider development
• Using IPSGA
• A structured approach
• Using a methodical process
• Information Phase
• Cornering
• Overtaking
• Counter steering
• Using the SYSTEM of control

Online Slow Control Course

20 lessons for Riders who hate riding slowly
• Controlling panic
• Riding on tick-over
• How to sit properly
• Stopping at junctions
• Riding with one hand
• Awkward situations
• Gradients & Cambers
• Posture on the bike
• Mind over matter
• Using the clutch

Long Dark Nights!

Winter is no longer an off-season – It’s your season of growth.

For just £9.99 per month you’ll gain unlimited access.

Who's It For? 'Everyone'

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CBT Riders & Learning to Ride

We specialise in helping new and novice riders


Pass the Motorcycle Tests

Dedicated Mod 1 & Mod 2 in-depth video guidance


Full Licence - Elevate Your Skills

Specialists in enhancing riders skills to a new level


Full Licence - Slow Control Course

Bespoke online coaching giving Tips, Help & Support

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Transform At Your Own Pace & Emerge A Pro

Our comprehensive online platform is your perfect place to evolve.

While your bike rests, let your skills blossom. Specialists in elevating riders who want to improve their skills.

Delve into our rich library of video lessons and emerge in the Spring, not just as a rider but as a road maestro.

Personalise Your Training

Immerse yourself in the community - make Motorcycle Riders Hub your own

Your Road to Success

Pre-course study makes training easier

Track Your Progress

Mark your videos as complete after watching phone example e1700067099107

phone example e1700067099107

Add to Favourites

Add videos to your favourites to refer to quickly

Learn in Comfort

When you are home and relaxed you absorb more

Ride Smarter with Online Learning

Enhance your motorcycle skills and confidence with our online courses, including CBT, Mod 1 & 2, Advanced and Slow Control. Tailored to complement your practical training, they provide a solid foundation.

Discover the convenience of learning from home at your own pace, where you can absorb more information when relaxed. Our courses are designed to make difficult techniques clear and easy to understand.

Watch the lessons again and again to ensure you are thoroughly prepared and confident at every stage of your learning journey.

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Are You Ready
to Rev Up?

By spring, you'll be the transformed rider you've always wanted to be. The roads await your return and you'll greet them with new found prowess and confidence.

Learning Support - 4 Bonuses

Interactive Quizzes

Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes for each lesson and learning section

eBooks & PDF's

Download and use the eBook guides to help you elevate your knowledge

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Instructor Tips

Each video is accompanied with expert tips giving you the best advice

Podcasts - Audiobooks

When it isn't possible to watch a video, you can learn on the move


Real Riders. Real Success

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Our Customer Rory

Rory stated "It really helped me pass my Mod 1 & 2 motorcycle tests"
"Sometimes putting your faith in the trainer is not enough. You need time to take it all in!"
"There is a lot to cover and things can be missed out during training. I took control of my own development."

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Tom Warsop

CBT Course

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Dave Smith

Training on Tour

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Dave Henderson

Advanced Training

Kirsten Pobjoy - New rider

A Professional Wing Walker takes to the road instead of the sky!
"I enjoyed how it was broken down into bite size chunks."
"It can be overwhelming learning to ride. It was really helpful to study before I attended the practical training."
" I found it easy to use, especially seeing the different riding perspectives in the videos."

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Riding Success, With No More Stress

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