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Slow Control Course – Member Addon


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Don’t Drop Your Bike: The Ultimate Slow Control Course

An Exclusive Offer for MRH Members ONLY

Embark on a journey to master the art of slow control with the UK’s first and only comprehensive online course. 

Designed for riders who recognise the importance of precision in every manoeuvre, this course helps to transform you into a much better rider. 

With a blend of educational videos, eBooks, podcasts, and interactive quizzes, we cater to all learning styles.

The online education ensures you have a deeper knowledge and understanding of Slow Control techniques.

  • 20 lessons
  • Over 3 hours of video tutorials
  • Over 5 hours of education


Product Description

For Motorcycle Riders Hub Existing Members ONLY

Slow Control Mastery: A Comprehensive Online Course for All Riders

Riding is not just about speed; it’s about control, especially in slow manoeuvres. 

Our Slow Control Course offers an in-depth training experience to refine your riding skills, making you a safer, more confident rider. This course is a low-cost investment with a high return, reducing potential repair costs and increasing your riding competence.

Designed to accommodate different learning styles, our course includes engaging explanations and education videos for visual learners. There detailed eBooks for readers, insightful podcasts and audiobooks for auditory learners, and interactive quizzes for those who learn by doing. 

How you’ll benefit

Additionally, you’ll benefit from instructor top tips that provide valuable insights from seasoned professionals.

Each lesson in the course is meticulously crafted to build your skills progressively. Starting with basics like holding the bars correctly and understanding the best rider posture. The course moves to advanced techniques like counterbalancing, handling awkward situations and controlling panic. 

This systematic approach ensures that you develop a comprehensive skill set in all slow rising situations.

A Preview of What’s Inside:


LESSON 1: Introduction – Why it Matters

✓ Foundation for Mastery – Understand the core principles of slow control, setting a strong foundation for elevated skills.
✓ Overcome Overwhelm – Ideal for riders who feel lost in where to start their skill development.
✓ Build Confidence from Step One – Start your journey with clarity and confidence, knowing you’re learning from the best.

LESSON 2: Holding The Bars

✓ Optimal Control Techniques – Learn the correct way to hold the bars for maximum stability and control.
✓ Reduce Strain – Avoid common hand and wrist strain experienced by many riders.
✓ Precision Handling – Gain the skills for precise manoeuvring, crucial in challenging riding situations.

LESSON 3: The Rider’s Posture

✓ Perfect Riding Posture – Understand how proper posture impacts overall control and comfort.
✓ Prevent Fatigue – Minimise riding fatigue by adopting the correct posture.
✓ Enhanced Bike Response – Learn how your posture directly influences bike responsiveness.

LESSON 4: Pulling Away and Stopping

✓ Smooth Starts and Stops – Master the art of smooth pulling away and stopping, crucial for all slow control.
✓ Control in Traffic – Build skills to manage stop-and-go situations with ease.
✓ Safety in Everyday Riding – Reduce the risk of accidents during the most vulnerable phases of riding.

LESSON 5: Riding On Tick-Over

✓ Idle Speed Control – Master riding at low speeds, a necessary skill in congested traffic.
✓ Improved Bike Handling – Gain confidence in handling your bike in slow-moving traffic.
✓ Enhance Focus and Concentration – Develop concentration skills for better control at low speeds.

LESSON 6: Riding With One Hand

✓ One-Handed Skill Building – Learn to maintain control even with one hand, useful for gaining confidence.
✓ Flexibility in Riding – Increase your adaptability and flexibility as a rider.
✓ Understand the bikes needs – Equip yourself with skills for bike feel and control.

LESSON 7: Understanding The Bike’s Feedback

✓ Bike to Rider Communication – Decode what your bike is telling you for better control.
✓ Anticipate Bike Reactions – Predict how your bike will react in different scenarios.
✓ Proactive Riding Approach – Move from reactive to proactive slow control riding.

LESSON 8: Using the Clutch

✓ Clutch Control Mastery – Fine-tune your clutch control for smoother riding experiences.
✓ Reduce Wear and Tear – Learn techniques to minimise clutch wear.
✓ Precision Control – Enhance your bike control for efficient throttle/clutch use.

LESSON 9: Mastering Motorcycle Stability

✓ Stability in Motion: Gain skills to keep your bike stable in various riding conditions.
✓ Confidence in Balance: Build your confidence in maintaining balance.
✓ Safe Riding Practices: Learn practices that ensure stability, crucial for safe riding.

LESSON 10: The Figure of 8 (Fig-of-8)

✓ Agility Training: Develop agility and precision, critical for navigating tight spaces.
✓ Enhanced Cornering Skills: Improve your cornering techniques.
✓ Spatial Awareness: Boost your spatial awareness for safer riding.

LESSON 11: The U-Turn

✓ U-Turn Perfection: Master the U-turn, a fundamental skill for urban riding.
✓ Reduce Anxiety in Turns: Overcome the common anxiety associated with U-turns.
✓ Skill Application: Apply your skills in real-world scenarios effectively.

LESSON 12: Standing Up

✓ Off-Road Techniques: Learn standing techniques for off-road and uneven terrain.
✓ Versatile Riding Skills: Become a more versatile rider with varied skills.
✓ Enhanced Visibility: Improve your visibility and view while standing.

LESSON 13: Counterbalancing

✓ Balance and Control: Master counterbalancing for improved control in turns.
✓ Overcome Physics: Understand the physics of riding and how to use it to your advantage.
✓ Increased Manoeuvrability: Enhance your bike’s manoeuvrability in challenging conditions.

LESSON 14: Awkward Situations

✓ Tackle Difficulties: Learn to handle awkward riding situations with confidence.
✓ Real-World Solutions: Practical solutions for common challenges faced on the road.
✓ Safety in Uncertainty: Stay safe even when riding gets tough.

LESSON 15: Dealing With Hills

✓ Hill Handling Skills: Master the skills to tackle hills safely and confidently.
✓ Overcome Gravity: Learn techniques to overcome the challenges of gravity on inclines.
✓ Confident Hill Starts and Stops: Ensure smooth hill starts and stops every time.

LESSON 16: Manual Handling Skills

✓ Bike Handling Expertise: Develop your manual handling skills for better bike control.
✓ Ease in Manoeuvring: Gain ease in manoeuvring your bike in non-riding situations.
✓ Physical Control Techniques: Physical techniques to handle your bike safely.

LESSON 17: Where and How To Park

✓ Smart Parking Strategies: Learn the best practices for motorcycle parking.
✓ Avoid Parking Mishaps: Reduce the risk of damage or theft while parked.
✓ Efficient Parking Techniques: Efficient techniques for different parking scenarios.

LESSON 18: Limited View at Junctions

✓ Safe Junction Navigation: Navigate junctions with limited view safely.
✓ Enhanced Perception Skills: Sharpen your perception and decision-making skills.
✓ Risk Mitigation: Strategies to mitigate risks in low-visibility conditions.

LESSON 19: Cambers and Gradients

✓ Camber and Gradient Mastery: Understand how to handle varying road surfaces.
✓ Adapt Riding Style: Adapt your riding to match road camber and gradients.
✓ Safe Navigation: Navigate these challenges safely and confidently.

LESSON 20: Controlling Panic – Mind Over Matter!

✓ Mental Toughness Training: Develop mental toughness to control panic.
✓ Calm in Chaos: Learn to stay calm and focused in high-stress situations.
✓ Emotional Control Techniques: Techniques to manage emotions for better riding judgment.



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