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Cardo Packtalk Bold
JBL – Intercom – Single

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The Packtalk Bold is Cardo’s powerful intercom kit with Bluetooth, Dynamic Mesh Communication and powered by JBL.

The IP67 waterproof rated unit features high-performance JBL 40mm stereo speakers for full-range, immersive and top-end audio, with active noise-cancelling and self-adjusting volume according to ambient noise and rider speed. With up to 13 hours talk-time on a single charge, this Packtalk features Bluetooth 4.1 technology for all intercom modes, from Rider-to-Pillion communication to long-distance communication, with full backwards compatibility with other Cardo models and non-Cardo Bluetooth headsets. The intercom can also be connected to a GPS device, motorcycle or smartphone.

The standout feature of the Packtalk is the built-in Dynamic Mesh Communication technology: an auto-adaptive, intercom system that retains connection without interruption, regardless of outside factors. The technology drastically increases the number of riders in a single group to 15, with a maximum range of 1.6 km or 1 mile, with riders entering and exiting the group without failing.

The device features multiples methods of control to operate the Packtalk Bold & Slim intercom, FM radio, calls and A2DP. This includes a unique roller-wheel interface and control panel for intuitive operation with even the thickest winter gloves, connectivity with Cardo’s smartphone app: Connect, that enables you to set up and control the device remotely, as well as advanced voice control technology, for complete hands-free control over the unit’s functions.

The Packtalk Bold has longer range of communication, covering a range of 1.6kms or 1 mile of distance.

  • Up to 15 rider multi-intercom simultaneously
  • Music and radio sharing ideal for large groups
  • Fully waterproof construction ideal for tours
  • Built-in FM radio with 6 pre-set stations
  • Compatible with Cardo Connect App
  • DMC intercom range of up to 1.6km / 1 miles
  • Intercom range can be extended up to 8.0km / 5 miles
  • Range extended when between a minimum of 6 riders
  • Automatic volume control for ease of use
  • Powerful 40mm JBL designed speakers
  • Status announcements, such as battery warning
  • 850mAh battery with a talk-time of 13 hours
  • Takes roughly 4 hours to fully charge-up
  • Two audio channels for mobile and GPS
  • Universal Bluetooth 4.1 connection
  • Headset, hands-free and music profiles
  • Dimensions: 49mm x 91mm x 25mm
  • Speaker thickness: 9.2mm
  • Weighs approximately 57g
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