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Get rid of the stress and learn how to ride properly, understand what to do and lay the foundations correctly at the start of your journey.

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The Learners Academy is an online eLearning training and guidance platform for all riders. It helps riders at different stages in their training to understand how to operate, control and improve their motorcycle riding.

Lesson 3 - Course Explained

Motorcycle Riders Hub has designed the Learners CBT Course to help you prepare for your CBT and first on the road. Listen to the podcast below to find out more…

Whilst these resources have been put together by a team of experienced instructors, they do not substitute professional motorcycle training. They are intended to enhance a students motorcycle training through pre-learning, with the goal of a better skilled, more confident and safer novice rider. Learners CBT Course students are advised to engage with all elements of this training resource and to watch each video several times.

Lesson 8 - How to operate the controls

It is natural for you as a learner rider to look down at the controls. Familiarity and practice are the essential ingredients for you to keep your eyes on the road while operating the additional controls.

We have before discussed the importance of the Five basic controls in a previous lesson. To jog your memory they are; the front brake, rear brake, clutch, throttle and gears.
Being proficient with the remaining controls is as important to being safe as a rider.
When using the other controls for the first time, it is natural to look down. Other controls include the; indicators, passing light, horn and headlights. it is natural for learners to glance down.
Practicing using these without looking down, is a good stepping stone to a rider safety. As keeping your eyes on the road, whilst operating the controls is essential.

Lesson 24 - T Junction - Turn Left

This manoeuvre is also referred to as a left turn, from a minor to a major road. The most common junctions for learner riders to negotiate are T Junctions and side roads.

Turning left at a ‘T’ Junction is also referred to as ‘left turn, minor to major’ and is one of the easier turns to make on a motorcycle. As with all junctions, the OSMPSL routine is key, along with slowing down in plenty of time, looking into the junction early and ensuring the optimum road position to either stop or ride forward. Junctions take time and lots of practice to perfect, so learner riders are encouraged to be patient and to keep safety in mind at all times. Also – always be aware of other vehicles trying to overtake at the junction.


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