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A Recap of Your Gateway to
Advanced Riding

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Play Video about Motorcycle cornering quickly
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The UK’s First and Only Online Training Platform

List of Training Lessons in the Vault

Take full advantage of this fantastic resource. The Advanced Course takes you to the next level. Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly…

Expand the list below - In bold are the Lessons you'll get.

1. Foreword
2. Introduction

3. Explaining IPSGA
4. Information Phase
5. Position Phase
6. Speed & Gear Phases
7. Acceleration Phase

8. Cornering: Right Hand Bend 9. Cornering: Left Hand Bend 10. Overtaking Cars 11. Overtaking: Large vehicles 12. Overtaking: Multiple vehicles

13. Counter steering
14. Braking when cornering

Advanced Riding Techniques

All 14 lessons listed in drop down panel

In each Sample Lesson has 5 different learning modules:-

1. Training videos – Detailed information about each lesson

2. Podcast – An audio lesson to listen to on the move

3. Instructor Tip – A snippet of information from instructors

4. eBook – A corresponding page for each lesson

5. Quiz – To check on your progress through the course

Lesson 02 - Introduction

The Advanced Course is the perfect online training resource and stepping stone if you want to improve your riding ability, take your riding to the next level.

Lesson 3 - Explaining IPSGA

Before starting the Module Two motorcycle test, the examiner will ask a series of ‘show me or tell me’ motorcycle safety questions. These specific questions are available on the DVSA website and should be covered in detail during Module Two motorcycle training with professional training schools.

Lesson 5 - Position Phase

When you are leaving the dual carriageway, you will normally use a slip lane. There are other situations when the dual carriageway finishes at a roundabout.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Visualisation

When you can’t carry out physical practise, you can still learn to enhance and build your riding skills.

The power of visualising when learning new skills should not be underestimated.

When you truly understand a technique or new skill mentally, your practical ability rises by a minimum of 20%.

A small investment now has huge results later on, which ultimately elevates your safety and reduces your risk!

Make Sure You Are Ready

Play Video about Carrying a passenger or load on a motorcycle
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