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Comprehensive Online Training & Support

The Easy Way to Success in
Your Mod 2 Test

Skip the guesswork by using our structured Mod 2 programme. Don’t just pass, gain knowledge, skills, and confidence.
Your success lies in the Mod 2 Training Vault. Choose commitment over casual learning to elevate your riding skills.



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Hours of Training
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Pieces of training material

A First Time Pass Saves Money and Time

Our online digital course resolves common mistakes and leads you through the Mod 2 motorcycle test step-by-step. 

Gain the confidence you need to ensure you pass first time.

Focus on both technical proficiency and comprehensive understanding. 

We prepare you mentally, bringing a new level of skill to elevate your knowledge and ability.

By setting solid foundations we equip you for first time test success. You will gain confidence with the detailed education in your Mod 2 test preparations.

Failing costs you more time and more money!

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Turning Nerves into Success

Transform uncertainty into assured success. Our course is designed to tackle and overcome typical hurdles, from insufficient training to rushed preparation.

We ensure you’re not only technically proficient but also mentally ready for every aspect of the test.

Step into your Mod 2 test with the readiness that comes from thorough, well-rounded preparation.

The Course Programme

It gives you help and support whilst getting ready for the Mod 2 test. Get expert guidance and advice with our in-depth course material for first time success.


14 lessons
1. Learning to ride
2. Module Two overview
3. Course Explained
4. Health declaration
5. Residency declaration
6. Eco-safe riding
7. Documents & clothing
8. Rider faults & fails
9. Arriving at test centre
10. Examiners briefing
11. Eyesight test
12. Pre-ride checks
13. Motorcycle safety questions
14. Pillion safety
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Key Skills

14 lessons
15. Moving away
16. Motorcycle control
17. Rear observations
18. Signals
19. Obstructions
20. Use of speed
21. Following distances
22. Maintaining progress
23. Judgement
24. Road positioning
25. Pedestrian crossings
26. Normal stop position
27. Awareness & planning
28. Bends & cornering
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Junction Guide

17 lessons
29. Joining carriageways
30. Leaving carriageways
31. Overtaking single vehicles
32. Overtaking large vehicles
33. Overtaking multiple vehicles
34. One-way streets left
35. One-way streets right
36. Left into side roads
37. Right into side roads
38. Left at T-Junctions
39. Right at T-Junctions
40. Left at roundabouts
41. Ahead at roundabouts
42. Right at roundabouts
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Rides and Mock Tests

07 lessons
46. Independent ride
47. Return to test centre
48. First time on the road
49. Further training
50. Rider responsibility
51. Mock Test – Route 1
52. Mock Test – Route 2
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The UK's most Comprehensive Online Education Guide

Navigate the Mod 2 motorcycle test with ease using our extensive online guidance. Featuring 52 lessons specifically designed to address every aspect of the assessment.

Our step-by-step lessons cover every aspect tested by the examiner, offering you a clear pathway to success. No stone is left unturned.

With our thorough approach, you’ll gain excellent mental and technical ability. Catering for all learning styles with video lessons, quizzes, eBooks, Podcasts and Instructor Top Tips.

Be prepared for first time test success

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Training Videos


Podcasts & audio books

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How to guides & eBooks





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With You Every Step of the Way

Answers at your fingertips 24/7, adapted to your schedule and learning pace.
Revisit lessons as often as you need, ensure you’re fully prepared.

Our resources offer detailed demonstrations and insights for each test exercise, bridging gaps in your knowledge and boosting your confidence.

With round-the-clock online training you’re never alone. Reinforcing your skills and knowledge, we ensure you have all the answers.

Learn - Apply - Practise - Succeed

The Four-Stage Game Changer

Experience a transformative approach to mastering the Mod 2 test with our Four-Stage Game ChangerThis innovative method is structured to develop your skills systematically through Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation and Practise.

Our approach is dynamic and adaptable, designed to meet your individual learning style. Set skills and foundations with our structured approach to your development.



We begin by laying a solid foundation with clear, concise explanations of each manoeuvre. Understanding the 'why' behind every action.



Explanations are brought to life with detailed demonstrations, providing you with a visual guide. They allow you to visualise each test manoeuvre.


Imitate & Instruction

Imitate what you’ve learned, embedding each movement into your skill set. This stage is crucial for translating visual learning into physical practise.



Reinforce your skills with practise. This phase is key to solidifying your knowledge and skills to ensure you're fully prepared for the Mod 2 test.

Igniting Your Riding Passion

Every lesson is carefully crafted to enhance your knowledge and prepare you for the Mod 2 test.

With each lesson, you’ll discover the joy of learning and skill enhancement, laying the groundwork for test success.

Our content not only prepares you for the test but also promotes a deeper passion for motorcycling, fostering a lifelong commitment to learning.

Realising Your Long-Term Ambition

Start Learning Today

Real-Life Success

Passing the Mod 2 test is just the start of your riding adventure. Continue your journey with us, where endless learning and riding opportunities await.

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Michelle Waldron

“It’s brilliant, it’s opened the toolbox that will help me improve”

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Jon Boyd

“It’s improved my planning and awareness already. The videos bring the advanced training books to life.”

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Lynn Court

“It’s invaluable, especially for new or inexperienced riders. Absolutely fabulous.”

Your Stepping Stone to Perfection

Elevate your Mod 2 test preparations with our dedicated Online Mod 2 Course support, tailored to address the unknown and your apprehensions.

Our extensive online guidance becomes even more effective when combined with real-world riding experience, bridging the gap between knowledge and application.

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Convert Theory Support to Practical Learning

You can enhance your training plan with our training partners at RMT Motorcycle Training. They’re our preferred supplier for learner riders nationwide seeking to master Mod 2 test preparation.

This route ensures you have access to expert instructors who specialise in personalised education and coaching.

Call 01527 50033 for more information and professional training, including details on their comprehensive training packages and accommodation options.

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