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Your CBT Free Taster Lessons

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Learning to Ride - Education & Video Lessons

Training Videos for New Riders

Ease your worries and embark on a well-guided path. Learn the essentials and establish a strong foundation right from the start.

Discover the Complete Riding Guide Below – Members Only

Your Free Taster lessons are highlighted below

1. Learning to ride a motorcycle

2. Preparing for training

3. Course explained

4. Riding faults

5. Observations

6. The 5 basic controls

7. How to hold the bars

8. Operating the controls

9. Daily checks VOLTS

10. Weekly checks POWDDERSS

11. Safety position

12. Selecting 1st gear & neutral

13. Pulling away

14. Slow control

15. Figure-of-Eight

16. U-Turn

17. Changing gear

18. Controlled braking

19. Emergency stop

20. Basic counter steering

21. Negotiating Junctions – OSMPSL

22. Poor junction control

23. Slowing down for junctions

24. T Junction – Turn left

25. T Junction – Turn right

26. Side road – Turn left

27. Side road – Turn right

28. Roundabouts – Turn left

29. Roundabouts – Straight ahead

30. Roundabouts – Turn right

31. Urban riding

32. City riding

33. Rural riding

34. First time on road

35. Further training

36. Take responsibility

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Unlock all 36 lessons to elevate your riding skills

This online platform is designed for New and Novice riders.

  • We specialise in developing learner riders
  • The focus is mastering basic practical skills
  • From wobbling in the car park to confident on the road


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Things to consider before taking the plunge

Learning to ride isn't easy, it's imperative that you have the very best start.

Cheapest isn't best and neither is paying for an attendance course. You need to set the foundations properly in order to have a successful future on two wheels.

We will help guide you through the process.

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